Is Last Epoch The ONE?

Confession: Boomer here. Ive been playing ARPGs since Diablo 1 as a young teenager and have thousands and thousands of hours in PoE and D2/D3… both big and small I’ve played em all, usually can tell right away if these other projects will go the distance [PoE], be alright but never really take off [Grim Dawn], or be basically dead in the water [Wolcen].

I think Last Epoch will be the next great ARPG and I can’t wait to play and be part of this community as it and the game grow.


It’s a great game already if you ask me, I’m also a bit older and played a lot of ARPG’s (it’s my crack basically). I think you misjudge Grim Dawn’s success by the way. I mean it doesn’t hit the same numbers as D3 or PoE, but it’s doing very well I think. It’s also a great game, so it has that going for it too. :slight_smile:
And welcome by the way. :slight_smile:


You have posted exactly how I feel to be honest. Something about this game, even at such an early stage just feels right.

I also came from D1/2 ,Sacred 1/2 and TQ and I’ve been hunting for a replacement for years now. GD and PoE came close but for me never captured the magic of those games.

Last Epoch seems to have that missing “something” that I have needed for a long time and since the beta launched I cannot stop playing it.

For me, I think this may be the one, or at least I really hope it is.

Last Epoch has massive potential and I have a really good feeling it could be something special.


I hope so and definitely feel the potential, when I find a game I truly love I will play nothing but it for years at a time.


Oh, yeah. I’ve had my eye on this game since sometime last year. I just started playing this yesterday, and I already feel like it’s going to be something special.

I’m a bit younger (but not too young), and I didn’t get into ARPGs until later on. I came from Diablo 3, Marvel Heroes (RIP), Grim Dawn, and Path of Exile. Marvel Heroes was my home until it shut down, and nothing since has grabbed me like it did. Path of Exile did for a while, but there’s just some archaic design choices surrounding that game, and I’m not a fan of mapping at all.

Definitely excited to watch Last Epoch evolve over time and hopefully turn into one of the best ARPGs on the market.


yep the overall design is great, huge potential here.
but the road up will be hard

PoE is going into its 4.0 patch at the end of the year, this patch is when they will go big dick and aim really high, its supposed to compete with Diablo 4 (if it ever comes out) but its looking like it will go head to head with something like Lost Ark (which should come to the west next year or near the end of this year)


While some of their choices may seem archaic or not streamlined, some of those are intentional and give it that old school feel and charm that many of us old timers are looking for! I do like mapping in PoE but juggling the new systems they add each league and bake into core is getting too cumbersome.

From what I’ve played and seen so the pacing of this game seems absolutely perfect (one man’s opinion) although I must admit I’m only in the early level 30’s so far and haven’t done any arena/endgame.


PoE is a great game and I am sure many of us play both, but it is suffering from it’s own success at the moment and has let itself snowball into a gotta-go-fast-meta-slave mentality, constantly adding layers of mechanics and new systems just for the sake of adding them.

I love the game but they are moving away from what made it so great in the first place. Compare a league in 2014-2015 and it’s a whole other game. I still adore Path of Exile and put an ungodly amount of hours into each league, but a slower paced more involved combat style that isn’t dependent on invulnerability phases to artificially extent the length of boss fights because the power creep is so ridiculous they have no other choice…is what brought me here! :slight_smile:


I don’t know if LE is the one or not but I can say for sure that gameplay feels way better than how it looks like. It looked like quite boring game watching streams but after trying, it feels really good.

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Oh, yeah, I totally get that. I’m not necessarily saying it’s a bad thing, either; it’s just not my personal preference, but I get it. Last Epoch already has one of the QoL features I like, like damage numbers. Although, I would like to see health bars overhead instead of just at the top of the screen; having to look at the top of the screen just kind of takes me eyes away from the action. Outside of those two QoL features, I’m pretty good. :smiley:

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regardless of that PoE has the western Arpg market by the balls, and now they are gearing up for complete domination, all those issues you stated could be completely change since the game is going to go through some fundamental changes

they are expanding over into Korea to go up against Lost Ark, probably the only arpg atm that can compete with PoE with its foothold on the east, its too bad diablo had to go immortal on us, competition between D4 and PoE4.0 would have been epic lol.

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Agree with the damage numbers, that’s definitely a nice modern QoL feature. Yet I feel like a DPS meter would be going too far, and have seen other’s requesting that already. Health bars I could get behind being a toggle like in other games, I personally don’t play with them on as I find it clutters my field of view and where I want to be moving/attacking/seeing shit on the ground, but as you said we all have our preference!

Either way the game seems like it is in good hands… one thing that caught my attention right away too was actually having fully fleshed-out and active forums, not just a shitty discord channel. In hindsight every ARPG I’ve backed and pledged to in the past that’s failed to live up to hype/promises hasn’t had any forums and only a discord, this could be a new litmus test :rofl:

That’s a toggle in the Settings under Gameplay :wink:


Yeah Blizz really shit the bed with Immoral huh? That along with a few other PR blunders this year across their other IPs finally drained the last of the goodwill and support I had for them. I’ll be back to check out Diablo 4 some day but won’t be giving them any of my time or money until then.

Thankfully GGG already stated the next league will be much more simple/basic so many of us are looking forward to that. They have truly set the bar for community interaction, transparency about decisions and reasoning, and being honest about shortcomings and missteps and addressing them quickly… but Eleventh Hour Games is doing pretty damn good too so far!


HOW DID I MISS THIS?! Thank you so much!! :heart:

Oh, I totally hate DPS meters. If they add one, I hope it would just be a toggled thing in the settings.

“Immoral” - this made me laugh more than it should have. :wink:

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Press F to pay respects to Marvel Heroes and The Sacred Series.


If you read the reviews on steam, one of the biggest complaints is the lack of visual polish/clunky animations. If they can make this game look absolutely amazing it would make a big difference to breaking into a broader audience.


That’s literally the only reason why people pay attention to Wolcen.

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Personally speaking the visual effects in POE are almost a bit too heavy at times, especially in group play with all the new shiny MTX flashing and exploding all over the place. Seeing as we’re still in beta and the MTX shop and skins haven’t even been rolled out (or previewed yet from what I’ve seen) it’s safe to say they will be markedly more visually impressive over time.

I’m honestly pretty content with the visuals where they are, as combat feels very smooth and fluid (to me) which is infinitely more of a factor in my enjoyment. I still play diablo 2 to this day and the graphics don’t bug me whatsoever, but I realize I am definitely in the minority there and you’re right – to appeal to as wide an audience as possible it makes a difference.


Is Last Epoch the ONE? Yes.

At least it will be once it’s finished

I’ve searched far and wide for a game that has balance, that’s fun to play, has advanced customization options, has cooperative play, and pvp.

Obviously cooperative play and pvp have not been implemented yet, but when it is, this game is going to be a blast to play