Is anybody else feeling underwhelmed by the 1.1 cycle annoucnment?

Look, if someone is being toxic, you may call him out for that. But for being toxic, period.

I have called you out for the silly notion that LE doesn’t matter - in an LE forum, which is an obvious troll statement.

Now you try to mash up these two to justify the latter with the former, but both are wrong.

And yes, your real life accomplishments mean nothing to me. In the context of a limited field I judge people by their behavior and their efforts in said field. Both are of equal importance.


Caring how much bigger a streamer’s made up video game numbers are than yours is toxic, homie.

The comment I originally replied to was about someone in this thread who was treating a patch release time like it was a personal insult to them for having a job. That is a ridiculous and indefensible reaction to a video game, period. Mentally healthy people who have accomplished anything in real life don’t get offended that other people get to play a game a few hours before they do, and therefore get slightly more and slightly larger pixels. LE is just a game, and nothing any of us do in it as players matters in any way that matters. Nobody who is doing anything with even a little bit of meaning or value in their lives is confused about this. That isn’t a commentary on how I am so totally amazing, it’s a commentary on how sad your life has to be to get that offended about something that doesn’t harm you in any way and has no bearing on anything.

Maybe we should combine our funds and gift you a dictionary :joy:

What you mean is “unhealthy”. Toxic are troll posts like yours, trying to insult everyone here at once for they dare to put effort into “only a game”. That attitude isn’t appreciated.

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Lol this post cooked, As fucked up as this post is, its true.

“Why you have to be mad, is only game”

Really does ring true in the current year.

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I’m already bored of this patch cycle. I’m tired of having to level multiple of the same Class to experiment with the various Masteries. I’m tired of having to re-level abilities, no matter how short it ends up taking eventually. Any feedback on the forums about how to make the game more fun and accessible to a larger audience is almost immediately attacked by the toxic ultra-omegahardcore “this is a hardcore game” fanbase that makes up a insanely small portion of it. Dropping from over 250K at launch to 70K at the start of the first cycle is a bad sign. Especially when the bottom 3 months after launch was around 2.5K. We want the game to succeed, which is why we offer feedback with the intent of drawing a larger audience.


In this forum there are many “honorable knights” who can only say “this is a small indie company, its not a triple AAA company, many things have been improvedt” and in the meantime today I was stuck in the textures due to the Primalist Leap.
Am I wrong or…it is a very old bug?

Anyway I have this perception like you, with still terrible graphic optimization (missing upscaling or other improvement), with animations that are years old, with cutscenes that looks like from the Playstation 1 and so on.
It’s like we’re still talking about a Beta.

It is normale that people write in game chat that LE is: “a waiting room for the next season of PoE”?
It is sad.

Edit: I just made a (ridiculous) post because the Spriggan evade animation looks like your character is stumbling at 15 fps.
This is an example of superficiality, because: “Hey…there’s is a new feature! Evade!” but they didn’t care about making a DECENT animation.

It is these “little things” that make clear the interest they have in the players, who are now experts and “pedantic”.
Maybe too much, for their standards.

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Yes, everyone that disagrees with you is a white knight. They’re also “woke” or something.


I think some white knighting is to be expected. I played wizard101 and pirate101 for years. I seen real crabs in the bucket. I think the people here on are fairly receptive [most] not all thou. Best thing to do is just engage with them calmly. Stepping into a lion’s den, is gonna be a lion, and your in its house. To be expected, you will need to be ready.

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Oh, I understand now. You don’t like my commentary - about which I am 100% sincere - because it’s just as much about you as it is about the guy losing his bananas over a patch release being during his working hours. And here you are talking like an altruistic third party, stepping up to do What’s Right and push back on the mean ole’ bully.

lol. Peace.

Not what they were suggesting at all. They are saying that people like you, Llama and Bronco who are terminally online in these forums personally attack anyone with criticism who actually want the game to improve… and frankly it’s getting old. You need to realize that most people don’t have the luxury of being able to play video games as an adult and even more so spending time giving feedback as you do.

The game has been plagued with bugs that over 5 years old, core mechanics are still not implemented, the base campaign is not complete and the graphics are already outdated. They should have never launched 1.0 in this state. It is unjustifiable at this point and if you don’t believe me go look at the numbers yourself. This cycle there was 70k peak from 260k. Next cycle will be 45k and the following will be lucky to push 20. By next year with PoE2 releasing and the D4 expansion I will be surprised if there are more than 500 active players. Myself and a few others have tried to defend and save this game from becoming the next Wolcen but it’s clear that the vocal “knights” and the devs are happy with the direction they are headed.

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Not just me, you only come here to sh*t on everyone playing the game with that condescending tone. This isn’t the first thread where you make a negative impression. Just decided to call you out here for it’s getting out of hand.

If you’re cool somewhere else than here, maybe spend your time there?


BroncoCollider has a rough language, but other than some people due to specific reasons (like Viled’s constant conspiracy theories), when do you see me or Llama attacking people? Again, disagreeing is not attacking.

That was to be expected. The outlier is having so many players in the first place.
70k is actually a very healthy number for a new game. And we still have to see if the number will increase in the weekend.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, half of those 260k players would never return to the game ever. Or to any game. All games lose more than 50% of their players. Just look at steam achievements and see how many people finish a game. For the top selling games in steam, less than 50% finished them, even the paid ones.
It’s not a quality issue, it’s a gamer mentality issue. Gamers are just like that these days.

The “knights” are happy because they’re having fun playing the game as it is now. The devs are probably happy because they have a lot more data to draw from than you do and have a more informed decision.

It was never reasonable to expect similar numbers to launch, because those numbers were unreasonable and were only the result of a hype that was created.
Again, 70k is actually a pretty good number. Before 1.0 I was expecting less than that for the first year.

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Just because people disagree with you doesn’t make them toxic. Throwing perjoratives around, however…

That’s not correct, “we” don’t “personally attack” people. But I assume it’s totally ok to insult “us”.

Yeah, there’s always people who have less time to game, I get 1, maybe 2 hours in the evening during the week then a few hours at the weekend.

Also, why is it ok for some people to give feedback on things they perceive as flaws in the game but not others?

I know who will still be here to watch over the forum.

I assume you were talking about this. These are the ones that I sometimes reply to, even though I shouldn’t feed them.
In fact, if you go look at our history, we’re personally attacked way way more than the reverse.

I dont think you have attacked me, some of it may been a bit pushy, but I used to it, so does not bother me. I am a prick sometimes, So i dont get offended, i seen way worse in my youtube comments, comes with being a cc.

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Man, this game really took the path of failure, a new cycle and bad put 70k and less than 1 day already lost +30%. And the most hilarious is the same figures here on the forum covering up the failure and attacking those who have sincere opinions about what is wrong with the game, some there have more hours on the forum than playing and that explains a lot of the weak numbers it has.

I define people that way when I’m talking about people who defend something and don’t admit when something objectively doesn’t work or works badly.
Or it could work better and “in their opinion it doesn’t and they criticize your suggestion” (in a toxic way).

If a person has a different opinion than mine BUT if can talk about his opinion without being toxic/aggressive there is always the possibility of finding something in common.

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It’s not objective though. It’s just your opinion. Almost nothing in this game is objectively bad or objectively good.
Mastery respec good or bad? Not objective, a matter of preference. Skill respec good or bad, also not objective. Factions good or bad? Not objective. DR vs Ward? Not objective.

There isn’t a single thing you can say that is objectively bad about the game (much like there isn’t a single objectively good one), unless you’re talking about server issues and disconnects, which are objectively bad for an online game.
Even on an issue where the vast majority of players agrees with, which is that autotransfer (not autopickup) of shards should be a thing, it’s still not objective.

I don’t usually reply in a toxic way unless I’m already being replied to in said manner. Unless you consider disagreeing with you toxic. Sometimes I do and when pointed out I admit that. Even recently there was a thread that kept escalating between me and another person and when someone deescalated it we both admitted to it.

I do tend to respond more aggressively to comments like “Mechanic X is garbage, you have to change it immediately”. Because those aren’t comments looking for discussion, it’s just venting on the devs/players.

I agree with you.

From my point of view, Last Epoch was released in a very rough and unfinished way, with a strong lack of polish in the main campaign and a lacking endgame.

I also had a strong impression when joining this forum about how a very vocal part of the community here is completely against any kind of criticism.

Eventually, though, I realized that most people here are ok, they’re just tired - they have been having the same discussions over and over for years now, so they tend to let out an exasperated sigh whenever they see someone again talking about, for example, the (very bad) respec system.

(There are one or two idiots, sure, but those are the exception, not the rule.)

Trying to de-escalate and just talking to people here tends to work. It requires a bit of patience, just like Last Epoch itself.

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