IP addresses used by Last Epoch

I have a question about the IP addresses that the game uses for communication.

I have already been able to identify a few in my log file. But there seems to be more

Found also the following IP addresses in an older Steam forum post
Are these addresses still valid and are they generally valid for all servers you can connect to in the game? e.g. Europe, US-West etc.

I do appreciate it if I could get the valid addresses / address ranges. I need them for my router firewall.
I don’t want to deactivate everything just to be able to play the game.

Many Thanks


I don’t believe AWS is used now, so the older addresses at the bottom are probably out of date.

To find out the addresses you need, on Windows you can use something like TCPView or Curports. On Linux just use ss with the pid for LE and use watch or pipe to a file.

You can also check the LE Player.log for the server endpoint address

thx for response.
the thing is…yes i could use these kind of things. but the IP’s are changing after every log in. I think load balancers are still in use. so this will be a uge effort at the end to have all addresses in use.

best would be a EHG member give an answer…they should know the ip ranges which are in use within the different server areas.


You should still be able to determine the net block and if you’re firewall supports that notation use that. Failing that you’d be better emailing EHG support for an answer.

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