Invocation seems underwhelming

For all of its versatility, this skill seems lime it has a hard time doing damage on its own. HRH shield is arguably the best option by shear defensive boost, while many other options are drastically under whelming: storm star, rime spiral, frost wave etc. Its node tree also seems needlessly indirect about ways to boost its damage.


HRH? What does King Charles III have to do with this?

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Heo Rah heo

Ah, cold fire cold…

Only a filthy casual hasn’t memorized the runic names yet.

I am included in that group, btw


Reviks Blizzard(triple cold) then lots of int = bosses die fast

i use that, doesnt seem particularly amazing. the glacier sequence seems better, especially for larger bosses

Blizzard is DoT, it requires different scaling and setup

it also sits in place and alot of bosses move and are nearly impossible to freeze

the freeze is not important, it is still a lot of damage, I am reaching easy 10k-20k per tick at level 80 without very good gear - and it can be spammed easy due to being 3 of the same rune

the freeze is important to keep them in the DOT.

or just make them fast enough, it is good enough to melt exiled mages who move about more than most bosses - and AoE size is a node

also you can set up flame rush brand, and use glyph of dominion to drop lightning brand at the same time, even with the frost wall brand, for a lot of brands on a single target - while also having blizzard on them due to flame rush triggering the IceIceIce combo

if i want it to do good damage i have to take the cool down node and or damage from not using it, so rpaid creation isnt going to work well. also what the hell is the point of all thesze combos if you benefit the most fromjust making eveyrthing one element

no, you only use flame dash when brand not applied and for the shred, not as primary invoke

im talking about thew invocations damage, not dash

I am talking about how you end up scaling it, by using it in a cycle that involves applying brands because brands mean more damage due to a passive node and they also have good scaling by themselves

I think in most cases you have to itemize to make invocation do good damage. A lot of the invocations are clunky in their requirement to essentially use filler skills for them.

There’s a body armor that gives 36% more damage for invocations based on your weapon and first rune, and then another 3% per attribute based on the second rune. I think in most cases if you really want to scale a particular invocation, you’re going to want this body armor, as it can easily make you deal 4x+ damage with that specific invocation you build around.

But HHH and GGG are both automatically good because of their very large scaling (HHH is 1200% I think and GGG is 1360%), and the fact that they are 3 of a single rune so you just need 1 other good damage skill you can spam in that element.

HRR is 1500% which is quite high.

A lot of them simply aren’t worth using because most are just damage and some are clearly superior damage. There should be more utility effects. It would be really nice if they was a transversal invocation too.

I also think that the “random bullshit go” playstyle of Spell Cascade should be buffed by making it so the spells cast by Spell Cascade generate runes. This would let you start cycling runes to get back to 12 energy 3 spells quicker.

I agree. There is no way to really scale damage on invocation spell. In late game it’s more a tool to HRH and go back to real dps spell.

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There’s a body armor that can give it a ton of more damage like 4x+ damage, and a staff that can give it a ton of added spell damage. And certain invocations that have very high base damage.

If you don’t have gear specifically for invocation, it’s not going to do crazy damage though yes.

I find thoses really hard to build around. I tried the staff and getting armor+dodge+ward high enough for the staff to be usefull is… well i didn’t find a solution yet.
And for the armor i don’t get it yet but i’m pretty sure it’s gona be the same problem.

I may be wrong though, we’ll see in 2-3weeks.