Investigating Last Epoch's map blinking + mobs flashing problem (Linux native client)

After the excellent work of u/Xenu420 who fixed the problem with the invisible “purple” characters in the character selection screen (see here), it is time to investigate the last remaining problem of LE’s Linux native client. This is the problem that manifests only in certain maps, in combination with certain enemy mobs. Since the mobs that appear in mono maps are random, it is difficult to capture the problem and inform LE devs about it. I have started playing LE while recording with OBS, hoping to capture the problem and showcase it to the community and EHG devs.

So my first video is in the map named WASTE POOLS, in combination with skeleton enemies.

At the beginning the whole map is blinking (epilepsy hazard). Time stamps: 00:24, 00:39, 1:50 (continuous blinking), etc.

After that, I start playing around with settings and if I set REFLECTIONS to “very low” (2:28), then the blinking is gone and start manifest as mobs flashes.

The problem occurs ONLY when skeletons appear in the screen

I know for sure that in other maps, the problem manifests itself with sirens. (I don’t have a video for that yet).

In another (not video captured) try, if I disable Antialiasing, then also the blinking stops and the mobs flashing starts to manifest.


My PC’s hardware is perfectly fine and checked and this is not a hardware problem. After all the game runs without glitches through proton (not native version) or in Windows OS. In case you ask why I don’t run it through proton, this is because proton version has 50% less performance which is unacceptable if you have an older card or a middle range card.


After more testing, which is difficult due to the randomness of enemies for each given map, I believe that there is something in the lighting of skeletons & sirens that in certain maps (like WASTE POOLS - imperieal era) is DIFFUSED in the whole screen area making it blinking. When REFLECTIONS are set to “very low” the blinking stops and manifests as “white flash” around the mob.

Come on EHG devs!!! I am giving you this in the plate. I am giving you all the conditions to reproduce it and fix it. I bet that if I could some how DEACTIVATE reflections the problem would go away.

Maybe the fact that this is an epilepsy hazard, so gamer’s health is involved, could motivate you to prioritize this bug and fix it? Please do so!


Another combination of the problem: RUSTLANDS ARENA (imperial era) + skeletons.

Here is a gif of white circles in twisted mire:

and here is one in Deep Harbor:

I guess som shader used for water? Does not occur when using -force-vulkan.

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Thank you for your contribution to this investigation. Please also report your system specs, by posting/linking your inxi -SPARM -GCDN -v1 -xGCRS output.
If the devs decide to fix the linux version, I believe it will be useful for them.

Does not occur when using -force-vulkan.

Using -force-vulkan, on my system, seriously destroys performance (max 30 FPS). I don’t know why. Yes, it occurs only when using openGL version of the game. Same problem occurs if proton version is used with PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 , which tells proton to translate to openGL instead of vulkan.

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