Introducing Minion Stances to Customize Minion Behaviour

Our next update, Patch 0.7.4 A future update will include the first iteration of Minion Stances!

Minion Stances will allow you to customize the behaviour of allies you summon. They will be available to both permanent and temporary minions. The option to change a minion’s stance will not be presented if doing so would not alter its behaviour. (Example)

The selectable Minion Stances will be;

  • ‘Attacker’ will be the default stance and result in existing minion behaviour.
  • ‘Defender’ will reduce how far your minions will travel to engage enemies.
  • ‘Hunter’ will cause minions to attack enemies across longer distances.

In Patch 0.7.4 we will be replacing the horizontal health bars of summoned minions in the top-left corner of the screen with vertical health bars displayed to the right of their skill art. The current stance of minions will be displayed beneath their skill art, and mousing-over this stance will result in a drop-down menu featuring three buttons; one for each stance.


A mockup for illustrative purposes.


Additionally, whenever you have more than one copy of a minion, the game will show you how many you have in the top-right corner of the skill art in the list of summoned minions.


That’s a lot of friends!


If you have multiple of the same minion - e.g. two Bone Golems - all copies of that minion will share the same stance. Stances will be saved; it won’t be necessary to change your minions’ stances each time you open the game - unless your preference changes, of course!


Smart decisions right there, very cool features.


Very nice very nice indeed. This was a good one to listen to and take into account for how you make them work. As one who has been asking for stances from day one this is great.

It took some other games (cough) years to get customisable minion AI, but you folks have done it in Beta. Outstanding.


They did it to shut me up :wink:


Pet stances? If this works out I’ll be impressed.

You weren’t the only one… and even then the “fix” was a bad hack, just gluing it to a new link. Poor design on poor design if you ask me. I MUCH prefer the method that EHG/LE is implementing here. I can’t wait to see it in action! :smiley:

I love the fact you guys love Minions as much if not more than I do! Keep up the happiness coming.


I was just thinking about this. Was playing a build with the “Exactly one minion” passive buffs and it was annoying that my minion wouldn’t follow me and would run after an elite only to die.

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