Introduce item similar to path exile headhunter?

it would be nice to have an item like this to have motivation to grind the late game of the game

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Do you want to see a similar effect? Or items with a similar powerlevel?

Because from a powerlevel and rarity perspective they are already some items that roughly fall into the same ballpark, not quite as powerful, but still powerful.

Items like Ravenous Void, Omnis and Orion’s Eye are already pretty rare and powerful. All 3 of these I just mentioned are also not very build specific and can be used on the majority of builds (like Headhunter)

I think EHG mentioned a couple of tiems that they would never create items that are deliberatly super duper powerful.

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Apart from Bastion of Honour.

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I would not say that BoH is in that ballpark of power level.

It is strong, yes and you can slap it on almost any build.

HeadHunter is bad design that shouldn’t be carried into other games, IMO.

The power level is way too high for how utterly thoughtless an item it is. There is no decision-making involved in using it. It doesn’t change your gameplay and you don’t have to even think about building around it. You can slap it on just about any character and reap the rewards.

Chase items are good. Chase items that are little more than a toggle are not.


all these items mentioned above are defensive items, I’m talking about an item to clean the map fast speed up the gameplay in the players we love this style of fast game and farm until tired.

I myself play path of exile for 9 years, and in all leagues what motivates me is to farm 1 headhunter and other items to destroy the late game and clean the map and speed up the gemaplay this motivates me and other 50% people in the game

Well thats not exactly true at all. First of all the belt does nothing against bosses at all, second stealing monster mods was way better years ago and you wanted ‘Nemesis’ monster mods anyway as they had the best mods such as Soul Eater, also the optimal build was to reflect a slow curse back onto yourself so you could stack as many buffs as possible which was Occultist which was to stack duration, yes you can just slap the belt on but thats like putting on a Bastion of Honor with 30% block

Also Headhunter isnt the top belt anymore its Mageblood which is many many times better and also you build around completely

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this true

I’d personally prefer that LE avoid this type of game play. zoomzoomzoom is just not something I’ve every really appreciated. But this is entirely personal so of course the obvious answer is ‘you don’t have to use it.’ But then if they put it in they have to balance around it which then tends to get closer to making stuff like this more mandatory.

If it were balanced for say lower corruption (say 100s) THAT I might see but if it works at much higher I’d say it then starts breeching the realm of ‘required.’


Id rather LE try and be its own product instead of just being PoE-lite.

PoE can keep HH, and for people that like it they can go play it there.


people talk as if PoE diablo and LE weren’t a copy of the other haha ​​the game is there for everyone it was a suggestion each 1 with its objective

it’s exactly like you said, diversity is there for everyone what you don’t like others love and like. this is diversity

Because it’s defensive rather than offensive? Just because something give a massive amount of damage mitigation for a single slot with minimal gearing requirements doesn’t mean its “not in that ballpark”. Are there any other items that would give any build >30% mitigation with no other gearing requirements other than the item itself? There’s a reason “all Rogues” (apparently) use Bastion of Honour instead of DWing (according to Discord).

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I understand that, but LE’s combat design and pace would not make those super fast paced offensive items feel right.

It would negate a major part of what makes LE’s combat so engaging.
Having mobs to actually do things before you kill them and all of their attacks to be meaningful is something that is important and that is majorly lacking in PoE.
With the combat pace of PoE the main thing they could do is on-death effects, because that is the only way to give mobs relatively important mechanics that the player need to deal with.

So I don’t want to ever have items with a offensive powerlevel that will make you breezes through mobs without even having to deal with their mechanics.

While I understand that some people really do like that kind of super uber powerfantasy, it also makes the game very boring very quickly.

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The damage mitigation is conditional, so while it is indeed strong its not THAT strong.

A majority of people using the items is defenitely concering and I already suggested a few thigns to make BoH a bit more in line with other items.
There also need to be similarly strong alternatives, so people would have a choice.

Or EHG could make it even more rare to balance the power.

Not sure if you mean it’s block so won’t affect DoTs, though there’s not that many sources of DoTs that the player would be worried about, or “conditional” on the attacker being in ~2/3 of the screen, that “nearby” radius is massive (almost as massive as PoE’s interpretation of “melee”) so it’ll be in effect against the vast majority of on-screen mobs & all bosses.

Yeah, we get it, you want to blast through maps killing everything instantly. Go play POE and get those items and that experience there. This is a different game. Just because it’s the same kind of game as POE does not mean it needs to have, or benefits from pursuing, the same “Your Hideout is Lava” gameplay loop that makes POE into a race to see who can pull the lever the most times.

And if/when you get one, nothing is meaningfully different. You just kill faster. You don’t play differently, you don’t change your gear, you don’t change your build. It’s not an interesting item and it’s 100% autopilot. If it were replaced tomorrow with a belt that just passively increased your damage and speed by a roughly equivalent percentage, nothing would change for anyone who has one. Except, of course, that they wouldn’t have a layer of abstraction to pretend that their belt is an interesting item anymore.

You aren’t motivated by anything but the draw of an enormous jump in numbers. In a chase item, that is reflective of bad design.

And a large number of people playing LE enjoy the fact that it is not just “POE but time travel setting”. Why can’t people who like how POE does things just play POE - which they already like - instead of trying to make every ARPG into POE?

If that was relevant it wouldn’t have been the #1 chase item from the time it was introduced to the time that Mageblood was.

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Dude, have you really played poe? haha
1 headhunter belt doesn’t do the build and the game alone has to have a build expensive items and many more to run it normally, everything you said there seems to me a layman in poe KEKW I don’t want the HEADHUNTER belt in the last epoch only 1 items that we can run after it that makes the gameplay more fluid and clear maps faster, the Last epoch is for everyone a game for 8 years and I can play both at the same time who are you to say that to me? haha lol

People have to understand that casual players are the majority not only in the last epoch but in other games, not everyone has free time and hours of game time to play something slow, making the farm faster to clean only maps is a way to attract more casual players. people here live in a bubble that Last epoch cannot change to attract new players and have more diversity