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Intermittent, extreme FPS drops

While playing the latest build I have noticed random FPS drops that take me from a capped 60 frames to the 20s (or lower if other things are going on at the same time). This happens regardless of what is happening on the screen, and shows up even if I’m standing around doing nothing.

It typically only lasts for a second or two, then returns to a smooth 60 frames again. I’ve tried to alleviate this on lower default settings profiles, borderless and full screen, but to no avail. On top of this, any time it happens the game’s audio will also stutter and crackle, making it doubly troublesome.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. I can understand FPS drops during wild encounters or tons of things going on screen, but not massive dips just standing around doing nothing. I’m at a loss as to what to do.

Below are the DxDiag and graphics ini files (20.1 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (486 Bytes)

Hey… Welcome to the forums…

Some potential causes of what you are experiencing:

  • You are using a laptop… Have you set the game to use the 1060 GPU exclusively - ie. it must NEVER use the iGPU Intel 630 graphics - even if the game is idle… You can do this in the driver or in Windows 10 advanced graphics settings

  • Is the laptop on dynamic/balanced or on performance mode while playing… If the laptop assumes that the game is idling, it could be downclocking things when it should not be… Double check that any laptop software running is not doing this.

  • Check your laptop BIOS for updates… People have found that a BIOS update has resolved a similar issue for them.

  • Is your system doing something else at the same time? Any other activity that could be using up system resources? That is typically what causes unexplained FPS loss - especially if you are not doing anything in the game.

  • Your dxdiag diagnostic sectio is showing lots of RealTek audio crashes… I would recommend you update the audio drivers & apps on your system just in case this is involved… I would do this for anything on your laptop just as good maintenance.

Hey there, thanks for the reply!

I’ll work down the list and see if it makes a difference. I’ve already set it to performance power mode at all times, so I can check that off.

I was only made aware of the tendency for laptops to shunt their GPU load to integrated graphics recently. So I’ll make sure to do that first.

A small update:

I made sure my global default for my graphics device was set to my 1060, then updated my bios and was still encountering the same issue. I then went and double checked if my power settings were how I believed I had them, only to find (to my horror) that I was set to balanced mode.

I made a new power profile for performance, then tried again. Unfortunately the same issue continues. The only thing I haven’t done yet is update my realtek drivers, which you pointed out have apparently been crashing. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where to source drivers more updated than the ones I have. I’ve been crawling around trying to find anything beyond my current version (Realtek Audio Driver 6.0.8907.1 dated 3/3/2020).

The only other thing I usually have open as far as programs go is possibly a chrome tab, but I’m not doing anything intensive.

Try to find some for your Windows version here:

A final update:
I found new sound drivers through the link provided, but unfortunately it didn’t alleviate the issue. I’m going to chalk it up to optimization (which I know isn’t a focus atm in beta) so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will be addressed in the future.

Thanks for all the help