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Instant crashes at the start of the game

Have Instant crashes at the start of the game. At first I was able to pick character before crash. Now it crashes right after I launch it.

I play all other unity games with no problems like Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (with max settings) or Naraka Bladepoint, Genshin Impact on max settings, so I am sure it is not hardware problem.

I tried to reinstall the game 2 times, updated graphic drivers, checked files integrity on steam 10 times.

It also seems to somehow freeze my Discrod app after crash (which no other app ever do), sometimes it stops from loading until I restart my PC entirely.

Nothing have helped. I so want to play the game, can you help me?

Hey there… Welcome to the forums…

Sorry you seem to be having hassles…

Please can you include the following files:

  • player.log (the games debug log that could have an explaination for the problem)
  • le_graphicsmanager.ini (the game settings)
  • the output from a dxdiag report (snapshot of your system info & drivers).

In the meanwhile:

  1. Make sure your OS is updated & patched and there are no failed updates:

  2. Temporarily do not run ANY other applications while testing LE… doesnt matter how irrelevant you might think they are, just dont run them to tick them off the list as a possible cause of the issue.

Comparing LE in its current beta state to other games doesnt really provide any useful info.

Hi there… Thanks for the info…

The answer to your problems is probably not what you want to hear:

  • Your system does not meet the minimum requirements for playing LE. Your system CPU is about 20-30% slower than needed and your GPU is only about the same as the minimum.

  • You are trying to play the game at Medium configuration @ 1080p with 60FPS. when it probably could only handle the Very Low configuration at 1080p with maybe 30fps. perhaps even only at 720p resolution.

  • Your player.log debug info is full of “Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!” errors and DirectX being unable to create textures at the settings you have chosen.

Although your system doesnt meet the minimum requirements (and so shouldnt really play LE), I would recommend that you try the following to see if you can at least get it playing:

  • If you cannot get back into the login screen to edit the settings - delete the le_graphicsmanager.ini (and the bak file) in the game folder and try and start the game again…

  • If you can get to the settings config in-game - set EVERYTHING to very low or disabled - absolutely EVERYTHING. Set the foreground FPS limit to 30fps. Shutdown the game, restart it and see if you can get into play. You might even have to set the resolution to 720p or something lower than 1080p

  • If you cannot get into the settings in-game - open the le_graphics manager file in a text editor and change everything that says Medium to Very Low. Change the foreground fps limit to 30fps. Try and start the game and then get into the in-game settings and disable everything else as the point above.

  • Your dxdiag diagnostics (end of the dxdiag file) is showing a lot of errors… LE is there, but you are having lots of errors with other applications and even with the Windows Desktop Manager (dwm.exe) that handles all graphical features and special effects on your system. MovieStudioPlatinum170.exe, ACDSeeUltimate2020.exe… You may want to check the causes of these other app errors… The dwm.exe is part of Windows and should not be crashing so I would advise you to find out what is happening with that.