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Ingame chat and password change issue

I’m having the following problem :
Two days ago when playing the game the chat was active and I typed “hello people” wich was then censored to “****o people”.

Then I noticed chat was dead. I reloaded the game and got a message saying the game could not login to chat and ladder so I thought it was because of that.

But since then I’ve stopped getting that message and still no chat (can see the ladder, just not chat).

I’ve seen a post that suggests a password change, but then I got another problem because at the website when I write the new password, it says “First name is a required field” and “Last name is a required field”. Those fields already have my first and last name and I cannot change then - tried with chrome and explorer and I just cannot edit then so I’m stuck with my current password.

I suppose this chat issue is technical (the password change is) but I’m not even sure because it happened right after I wrote “hello people” ->"****o people". Was I muted? If so I could still see other people chatting, right? And that’s not the case.

Any clarification appreciated.
Congrats for the beta release!

Edit: managed to change my password using the game client.
Still no chat. Ladder is working.

Same issues.Chat is working no ladder.

You meant the other way around, right?

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