Infinite splash screen keeps happening almost every launch of game


Every time I load the game I get the infinite splash screen. Nothing fixes it except verifying steam files. For the past two days it’s been ok, but now it’s doing it again. Every time I launch the game, verify files or it doesn’t load. It will be fine for like a few hours after maybe? I’m not sure maybe the rest of the day its all good, but all I know is all of a sudden i get the infinite slash screen.

Hey there…

Barring other causes, this issue tends to happen if the in-game settings are too high for the hardware and the beta unoptimised state of the game right now…

Please post:

  1. your player.log (from a session when this happened)
  2. your le_graphicsmanager.ini (your settings file)
  3. the output from a dxdiag report (assuming Windows).

Things to check in the meanwhile

  1. Your OS is up to date without any failed or pending patches
  2. Your GPU driver is recent and has been installed using a clean install (not upgrade).
  3. You are not using any other apps while testing LE

same here…always…specially with nvidia gpu…
my 5600x + HD rx 360 no problem
5600x + 3060 ti always crash


While the result might be the same/similar sometimes the cause can be different so its best to post your own thread in the Technical Support section…

If you want to try and resolve this issue (or at least find a workaround), then you need to post much more info of your setup…

Player.log, le_graphicsmanager.ini, output of a dxdiag report (assuming windows).

You also need to confirm the basics - updated OS with no failures or pending updates, latest GPU drivers with CLEAN installs (not upgrades especially if you are swapping gpu vendors), no other apps/overlays running at the same time as testing LE (yes, some mess with the Unity game engine)… Game file verification if you are using Steam.

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