Infinite Load Screens, Invisible Enemies, and more

Enemies randomly becoming invisible.
Infinite Loading screens.
Clickable things and options in the UI no longer work (i.e. adding points in skill trees, sorting inventory option).
“odd” character movement, more like skating than running.
Character can lose all HP and die, but still run around after, unable to regain HP.

All the above can be fixed by relogging, but returns after anywhere from 1 minute to several hours. I have verified Steam files, tried running as admin, restarting computer, updated graphics driver, nothing has worked. I have seen a few posts from as far back as 2-3 years ago with people describing the exact issues I am having but have not found a solution yet. Right now the game is unplayable for me. Current gaming rig is more than capable of running the game (RTX 4080, i7-12700KF).

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Not a response in 9 days :confused:

I have the exact same issue, every single day. Nothing has helped fix it. Have you found any progress in figuring it out Attrition?

I have the same problem. I also lose animations of skills and TP. It is not possible to move to another location.

Infinite Loading screens after 5 years again, very nice