Increasing the Number of Unique and Set Items

We’ve heard your feedback that you want more items to hunt!

In Patch 0.7.7 we’re bringing multiple new Item Sets and Unique Items to expand the options available for gearing your characters and to shake up the meta which has set in.

Not familiar with sets in Last Epoch? They consist of a small number of pieces - typically three - and are designed to increase the options available for when you’re building a character. We are mindful of the dangers of incentivizing people to collect a large number of items that synergize with each other, and we don’t plan to introduce sets appreciably larger than existing sets.

In Last Epoch, Unique Items and Item Sets are not intended to be superior to well-crafted items and exceptional loot - however, we do want a substantial number of these to provide interesting options that regular items cannot. While we haven’t yet decided whether we will be posting previews of some of these items or allowing you to discover them organically, we did want to let you know that there are more of these items coming in 0.7.7 than in most patches.

The 2d art for the ‘Forgotten Knight’ set.

As an aside, both Unique Items and Idols will no longer be sold by vendors in Patch 0.7.7.

Would you like a preview of a couple of Unique Items, or of a single Item Set? Let us know!


Love this ! give the preview of both :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the Void Knight! But lemme see those Uniques :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

That shield looks pretty sick

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When Sergey first showed us the art, a couple of us actually misstook the amulet for a shield, and were then confused when we saw the actual shield. I’ve used substantially different sizes for each of them in this post, but we’ll have the art tweaked a bit to help clarify it’s an amulet.

(This will be pretty minor and mostly consist of a little more of the string being shown.)


0.7.7 is gonna be HUGE , can’t wait !

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Awesome, can’t wait. I totally understand not having idols and uniques in the vendors at release, but I’ll admit during beta, it’s been pretty nice to allow me to test more things.


+1 on that


As an aside, both Unique Items and Idols will no longer be sold by vendors in Patch 0.7.7.

This feels like a mistake. The current inflow of these items can be pretty strained, and having any additional source for them during the game’s testing periods would be a huge help.

If a unique’s properties are bugged or facilitate other bugs, it’s very difficult for players to test that without access to them. Up until the last pre-launch content wipes, unique and set items shouldn’t just be randomly available from vendors, but consistently available from a dedicated vendor.


Awesome, can’t wait for the Patch!

which date will approximately 0.7.7 SARNO go?

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I believe the testing of the game involves not just the testing of mechanics interactions but also the ease of access to items/skills, etc.

The devs have alluded to this when responding to queries on the availability of dev mode. I think getting the supply of unique right will be all the more important when trade and multiplayer are implemented.


Feels like a start toward item bloat to me. People already seem to count on uniques more then they should be in a crafting centric game.

I’m not sure I’d quite refer to Last Epoch as ‘crafting centric’.

It’s an ARPG; that it includes exciting loot is definitely important. If an upgrade never drops and is always something that first becomes available in a UI window in town, that’s a bit weird. We want crafting to be impactful, for sure - but it’s one system among many.


I am curious @Sarno what the devs thought are on “meta that has set in” I feel this game and every class and every build is very diverse I mean the top 3 arena pushes are all by different classes whats the meta?

Nice art.
Want a preview of both :cowboy_hat_face:

I want to play a new patch soon :smile_cat:

I’d a few things in mind when writing that.

One was that the slots to devote to Glancing Blows does feel a bit ‘solved’, so a few compelling items for those slots which lack that affix would help keep things interesting. :slight_smile:

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Ah so crafting related well im excited these oatches are amazing its like playing a whole mew game everytime.