Increasing the Number of Unique and Set Items

I wish to add the gems systems!!!

Yeah I wpuldmt be surprised if sockets came in this patch. Or mayne even a few legendaries :slight_smile:

Good stuff guys. Not sure I agree with the uniques not being sold. I think a source of those to test builds and find bugs is important.
Regarding the meta, I agree. Glancing blow is getting there, but 4 fixed t5 prefixes still take away quite some variety, when also taken protections and block into account. I would love to be a bit less dependent on crafting defensive items. The idols have effects that are too cool to not use, so defences aren’t coming from that either.
Overall, good direction. I like uniques to build around. And potentially set items, especially because the existing ones are really hard to put in a decent build. I’m hoping for a 3 piece level 50+ set, to enable a few builds. That would be great.

Cant wait to play this one. Again

Awesome cant wait to see this void knight set

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anyone else notice that the forgotten knight shield seems to have only 2 sockets? was hoping for 3 :slight_smile:

I would say definitely give a couple of previews. Then leave the rest for us to explore. Ready to check out this next patch!

Woo! New stuff to find! I love you, I really do, but my stash space would like a few words outside…

I really like this as a concept, but I think it’s also going to be hell to implement. It sort of characterises sets/uniques into two groups:

  • Interim/stop-gap gear (“for until I find something better”), and
  • Build-enabling pieces (“this build cannot work without this specific item”)

Finding that sweet spot where individual items are useful enough to bother with, but combining several doesn’t break the game will be tricky, I think.

May I suggest you consider implementing an arbitrary limit on the number of uniques/set items your character can equip simultaneously? Doing so would allow you to bump up the power on an individual item, without landing in the D3 space of every slot being filled with a unique (thus rendering rare items pointless).

Never bad to have more items to hunt , yes

Yeah, but which is a more critical thing to fix pre-release, a bug with an item or some items being too readily available? We can help with the former but not the latter so that’s what we should be testing & anything to help with that would be a good thing. We should be doing things that only we can do as testers - finding bugs & figuring out combinations that are either too weak or too powerful for the devs t ofix.

Really? Most of my builds only have 1 unique if that. Due to the need to get things like glancing blow & crit avoidance up to 100% that’s most slots requiring a crafted item. Uniques are IMO a very niche set of items that benefit specific builds (or are “use it till something better comes along”).

No. We are testing the latter simply by playing the game and getting the drops. I’ve no idea why you think that isn’t the case.

Poorly worded perhaps, what was going through my mind was (IMO) the greater importance of finding bugs compared to tweaking drop rates in a beta to bring them into line with what hte devs want for the release.

On a related topic, it would be good to know what the dev intend vis-a-vis the drop rate for idol affixes, as some seem very rare but it’s impossible to know whether this is intended or a bug.

Hello!Accidentally, deleted the role how to restore, can restore?

This likely won’t be the case. Uniques in LE seem to be closer to the model of POE, where they are often missing important defensive/utility stats that you might normally get from that piece of gear, meaning it has to come from somewhere else. This puts a logical limit of the number of uniques a build can use in most cases, without being overly squishy. This of course assumes that defensive and utility stats are necessary because of monster damage and balancing of course.

D3 suffers because legendary items are just rares with a special affix. You can get the same stats on a legendary that you can get on a rare (with a few exceptions), so it’s always better to get legendary with those stats, and get the benefit of it’s power. Contrast that with a chest armor that does something cool, but can’t give you something like life or resists (or protections in LE). There is a trade off here that if taken, means that other gear slots need to make up that deficiency. The more of these trade offs you take, the harder it is to stay alive. Or the more you have to focus on it from other systems such as the passive system or idols.

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Really looking forward to more uniques.

As much as many people hate it, i am really looking forward to “build-defining” uniques. I think alot of people don’t like if some builds REQUIRE certain items to work, so what i mean by build-defining is that some affixes on uniques should be really unique, but not mandatory.
Just to give some builds this “little extra something”

So that uniques are not “build-enabeling”, that would be the wrong way.

@Sarno Suggestion for teasering some of the new uniques:

Just teaser some of the more “unique” affixes that are not available to normal items, without revealing whole items

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I Think, like you said, the more uniques, the less defense, i understand their phylosophy about not wanting Uniques being BIS in all slots, but some changing styles uniques is good, like converting some of paladins damage to cold, or giving pet lightning damage (i only play paladin, pet lightning damage is just an idea, my gf play necro), like you said, uniques in most cases suffer from the defensive/utility side, which is a good thing, this limit the numbers of Uniques.
But no Uniques in end game is weird in my opinion, uniques open the possibilities to many cool build ideas, some uniques in a end game is a good idea in my opinion, to enable uniques in your builds, you need to adjust and balance your character, otherwise, he will become excessively squish as you said.

Agree with you, this little extra something is good in my opinion, adds flavor, im not on the “hate train” (but i respect the opinion of course) about build-defining uniques.

TLDR: Some endgame uniques can be a good idea, with downsides or without some defensive/utility stats is already a good way to balance things (my 2 cents, just my opinion xD)

Nice. Keep up the good work.

Blah. Most uniques and set items are already useless. Why would we need more? Notice I didn’t say all, just most. As for crafting gear, well that’s a whole other can of worms, How about working on balance issues for that? I’ll bet you a top end sub against me rolling dice versus your RNG and see which one actually IS RNG. I’ve never failed so may times at 95% than in this game! Yet 45% chance has an even better chance at success than the 95%!

What balance issues? This game is actually really well balanced for beta. Some skills are worse than others but every class is capable of pushing about the same.

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