Increasing the number of skill slots availables

Hi guys.

I love this game. :slightly_smiling_face:

But one thing frustrates me: there are too few skill slots.

And I only have one class yet. How will I do when I have my mastery class? :frowning_face:

I play an Acolyte and I will choose the way of the Necromancer. So I have Squeketons + Curse. I also have the Golem. It leaves me very few skills availables.

Another argument: having access to more skill, makes the game experience more nervous and interesting. Because players have to switch during skills while he plays.

I’m from Diablo 2. It’s the only Hack & Slash I’ve really played a lot. And there was no skill limitation that one could choose. The limitation came from your mana pool, and the limited number of skill points that could be invested. Which meant that you could only really master a few skills. But we could use others at least, with a dot in it.

For example the Necromancer had lots of curses, which were not very powerful but sometimes useful to use. There it would be impossible on Last Epoch.

An intermediate solution would perhaps be to make possible the use of secondary skills, which could not have 10 investment points. It would be fun without being overpowered I think.


For me personally the amount of available skill Slots is perfect. There are enough to make interesting synergies between skills while having decent amount of utility/movement skills.

And for me there is nothing more uninteresting than a game where you can have everything, because CHOICES are my main factor when it Comes to a good rpg(be it ARPG other other rpg’s)

So while i understand some of your Points i don’t think it would make the game more interesting. There are ALOT of different skills in this game and i think the current skill limit is the perfect middleground between too many and too less skills.

One of the great things that come thorugh this, almost every build i see is totally different because there are so many differenty possiblities and none of it is better or worse, every build has it’s identity.


i also believe 5 Skills is the “Perfect” amount. I often find its a difficult choice what will be my 4th or 5th skills and what will be the most effective in the build im aiming towards. If i could just use all skills there wouldnt be any “hard” choices it would be the same as being mastered in all classes and not having to choose just 1. I like the game offers some hard choices you have to make.


Look my situation.
I am Acolypte Necromancer.
I am completly blocked in this setup.

Mark for Death : Increase a lot the damages of my minion -> Must have.

Transplant : Increase by +60 % damages of my minions -> Must have.

Summon Skeleton : Base unit, damage dealers and tanks units -> Must have.

Mage Skeletons : Very good spell for a necromancer specialist (damage dealer at distance).

Summon Wraith : Summoning temporary summons, is not mandatory, but very thematic, and probably the best alternative I could have as Summer specialist.

I would like to play lots of small but cool spell I saw, but I can’t.

I think we should be able to use one of the three non specialisable spells, Despile, Exhume and Detonate Corpe, to have more variability.

I think my situation is mainly caused by the fact I am a necromancer, so I have 2 or 3 bloqued slots for spells which are mainly passive (I dont ressurect skeletons all the time).

I think others classes do not have this phenomenom.


I think balancing in this game is relativly good atm and no skill is “must have” they are always alternatives.

This is just a temporary sate, ALL skills will get specialization trees, so there are no such things as “non specialisable spells”

Trust me, i understand where you are coming from, but if you have “too much” skills available, most builds get very similar, because there will be always a number of skills that are “best” for certain playstyles and as soon as you can choose too many, there will be very quickly way too much similar builds

Trust me when i was trying to min-max my Lich is was going back and forth through various different ideas and Setups and all fellt great in their own way. But at some points as stated in my first post, CHOICES, decisions is what makes this game great for me.

Try making a totally different builds , it may refresh your view on certain Things, or make a 2nd summoner character with different setup

i agree that 5 skills on the active skill bar are little, would be nice if they added more , ideally 10 and made the health and mana circles smaller to fit nicely in the screen.

Except Marked for Death is a straight up more damage modifier which is probably one of the few that is must have…

At some point in the future yes, but at the moment (which is what Jojo was talking about) there most certainly are non-specialisable skills…

I’m kinda in two minds as to whether we “should” have more skill slots, I would kinda like more, but as you say, if you have more slots then builds would become more similar…

Yes Marked for Death is definitely very strong due to its versatility and straight up dmg boost for all builds. But for some builds maybe another summon would also increase the overall damage while also granting other slight benefits (depending on the summon and skill tree).

For me it sounded like @Jojo_fr thought that some of those “utility skills” won’t have a spec tree. Also it would be kinda wasted to change a system to allow more skills that currently not 100% finished and then later change the system again.

It always is “better” to have “more”. Yes, it’s possibly forcing people to replay the game with the same class, but another skill setup. Some people like this and some people don’t.

Having “only” 5 skills is a design choice. It also could’ve been like 15.

But the thing you speak about - the feeling you are missing something and have to make a choice - is exactly what this design decision is about. It’s intended. And it’s something many people like. I absolutely don’t want to see the number if skills changed.


I understand your argument, but you should consider the situation of the Summoners build.

I repeat : Skeletons + Mages Skeletons + Mark of the Death lock you 3 slots.

There is no summoner who will not pick these 3 things.

If you are a summoner, you need the -100 % (X) skill which reduces Elementary protection, or Physical protection.

Now if you pick your teleport spell, which you should because it’s comfortable spell, and usefull spell (+60 % damages for minions), you have only one free slot.

For me it’s a problem, specific to Summoner, because most of their power are not active powers but passive powers (when you have summoned them), and it’s not that fun to play with only 2 spells in battle.

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I’m happy with 5 slots. You need to pick and choose and don’t get all just because… When I think about the possibilitys with a sixth skill I almost start to drowl because there are so many options to inbalnce things even more. From my point of view we are at a sweet spot right now and I see no need to increase the useable skills.

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I’m not saying any of those skills isn’t strong(and i know ALOT of People using those skills).
But you know there are more possibilities to make a build than those 3 spells :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes mabye some other set-up do lets damage, but may have other advantages.

It is inevitable that there is always some kind of “meta” or best setup, but that wouldn’t change even with 10 skill slots.

Maybe you feel that way, but i enjoyed VERY different summoner builds

I ask you again try to go with some other setups and try them, give them a chance even if they don’t feel as strong at the beginning maybe you need to adjust some other factors of your build.

I felt the same way when I first played necro. But you can live perfectly without mark for death. There are idols that let menions proc mark on hit. And with 40+ minions its always on enemies.

You have this “problem” with every class. There’s always that one skill I’d like to have on my bar.

If this is how you feel, you should consider playing a different class. You can have more action with mage or Beastmaster (active companion skills).

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I wouldnt pick those 3. Wraiths - Wandering spirits - Transplant combo is better IMO

I am fine with only 5 skills, but only 1 potion slot seems different than im used to from other games. Especially since its only health.

For skills, i would love to see 1 or 2 more specialized slots so we can at least level up a couple extra skills. This way changing 1 out for a different situation wouldn’t require a full 1-20 leveling process. Even more interesting would be leveling up a skill that isn’t on your active bar, but is used by a skill on your active bar (transplant skill can use rip blood skill for example).

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I really hate PoE finger piano, as it’s (mostly) a few potions uptime and 1 or 2 heal/situational. I did used macros for PoE potions just because it became super annoying. I think 1 potions as Health baseline is enough, there are actually already items that change your potion dramaticlly

That is a REALLY good idea, like it alot, even if it’s just 1 backup slot. This way you can experiment with new skills without sacrifing your intact build. This could be an unlock in endgame/highlevel

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It is actually one of the things I would like to see the most in this game. And a mana pot… don’t need the PoE style potions = buffs/skills kind of a thing.


Well it’s getting a bit off-topic, but feel free to create a topic on potions and we can discuss there.

I totally agree :+1:

I totally agree