Increasing the number of skill slots availables

I like the 5 skill limit. I feel like it helps keep things focused and really forces us to make choices about how we build our characters.

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Same here, i like the fact that the skills you can use are limited, because it makes you think on the combination you want to use, and keep things relatively simple.
For me its not about more buttons, but more choices to combine some of that buttons, that makes me try new combinations even in the same class. I don’t care much if I have to relevel something.
Summoners in many ARPG’s tend to be less active abilities oriented, and the style is not for everyone. Some could hate PoE , GD , D2-3 summoners, others would love them.
And potions, please keep it simple, one of the few annoying things for me about PoE is playing piano potion.


I am happy with 5 tbh, I think it fits perfectly.


I think that 5 skill # spots is good, it make me have to think of builds that work. like in TQ i made pet build most only have 5 skills, in D2 i use 5 skills. so have a lot oh skill will bog you down or the game so it best to limit or only use 5 for simplization.

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I agree with most of you but i think at least an extra skill spec and 1 extra skill slot to fill these empty road to lvl 100 would be really nice, since the last one is at lvl 49.
Let’s say unlock 1 extra skill when reach lvl 55 or 65 it would be cool.

then all they will have to do is spared the 5 shot over 100 lvl like 5,15,35,55,75. as is you get 3 fast then the last 2 in like 20 lvl by 49

just add some extra skill to fill the road and why not 1 extra skill slot… it won’t hurt.

This is a fantastic idea. The only thing that would make this tricky is the people who will come up with some macro to hot swap a skill. There are probably ways to prevent it, I’m not even remotely a programmer. But having a holding place to level even just one extra skill would be great for trying things out; would be marvelous.


Agreed, Basic idea is great, i already agrred with @T_Hawk on this.

But you are right IF they ever introduce something like this they need to supress any abusing.
Having to swap between singletarget/aoe etc before every boss really destroys the game flow for me.

Not sure whats the best sytem but i think something like “you need to be in town to swap the active skills and “just” specialisation leveling slots”

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The moment you swap any skill on the action bar it already has a forced cooldown where you can’t use the skill right away. But they could pretty easily implement a fix that prevents skills from being changed after you have entered a monolith or arena. This way skills can only be changed in town, or during the campaign.

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Having to do it in town is a fair bit better in this game than most as well because of instant respawns once you leave an area.

Yeah, I’m sure the skill slots is something the devs are always discussing, maybe they will test something like this during the beta to see if they like it before they’ve locked in things for release.

I don’t think increasing the number of useable active skills is the way to go. Some arguements can be made on about if Summon Skeleton, the most basic skeletal summon should be a skill or a series of passives in the necromancer tree. But allowing a separate (6th?) active skill slot to be used for movement skills is also a big no IMHO.


my bad, in that I do think they need more skill for later lvl as is by 20-30 you have your build or skills that you will never remove

I totally agree with you. I think it would be a good idea to have additional minion\pet\aura tab.

I agree on that. Do not mistake me in that regard, i also enjoy ARPG’s where you can build Piano-Builds, but the way EHG introduced the 5-Slotsystem combined with the Skill-Tree Concept feels simply right, and i’m not very fond of more Skill-Slots.

However this suggestion about maybe give us 1-2 more Specialized slots is kinda nice. Not neccessary to me, but i wouldn’t say no either.

I feel like one or two more would be good. There is currently some builds that can essentially have 6 skills.

The flame reave fire ball build for example you will have to specialize in fire ball, but you don’t need to put it in your hotbar, leaving you with an additional skill slot for a movement skill. Likewise for shield throw smite build.

You are already limited by your skill specialization any how, and you are not going to spend much time using unspecialized offensive skills. Though doing so will require a balance pass around buffs.

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