Increased Armor Shred Effect vs. maximum Shred stacks

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regarding the “increased Armor Shred Effect” affix, let’s start with a quote from recent patch notes:

Protection Shred ailments have been changed to equivalent Resistance Shred ailments which reduce the respective resistance by 5% against most enemies and 2% against bosses and players. Armour Shred works the same way. Shred ailments now have a maximum of 20 stacks.

  • This would lead to a 40% increase against bosses (2% x 20 stacks).

  • Where does “increased Armor Shred Effect” comes into play?
    Assuming you have 100% increased Armor Shred Effect, will it bring the 2% per Stack to 4%?
    Will it amountwise “bypass” the 20 stacks cap? (4% x 20 stacks = 80%)

There is no tooltip or further explanation for armor shred… Maybe one of you can clearify?

Armor Shred does have a Tooltip if you hold [alt] while hovering over anything that gives armor shred (At least at all sources i looked up, but there might be some missing yet)

Armor Shred is a fixed value, per stack, 100 armor shred per stacke namely. Because armor works a little bit differently.

So 20 Armor Stacks would shred 2000 Armour.
With your assumed 100% increased Armor Shred Effect it would be 4000 Armour.

All of those “increased X effect” stats for shred increase the shred per stack, but the cap remains.

You did say it “bypass” the 20 stack cap, which us worded very badly, you still can “only” apply 20 stacks, each stack is just more effective.


Your statement here would hold true for all the other resistances shreds though (if we assume we have 100% increased effect):

Also i think Armor Shred has no cap, compared to the other resistance shreds, i might be wrong on that.

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Of course @Llama8 already has the answer


Thanks for ultrafast reply! :slight_smile:

“Bypassing” was bad wording, true - but you still got me.

So, stacking inc. Armor Shred Effect won’t end up in having no use - because the value of each Shred will increase, no matter the cap… And if i’m not totally wrong, even a “zero” armor boss / mob can have “negative” resistances / armor, correct?

Armour shred doesn’t have a cap (as I recently learned from one of the devs on discord).

Armour shred effectiveness increases the effect of each stack of armour shred. Normally 1 stack reduces a mob’s armour by 100. 10% increased effectiveness would make it so that each stack reduces armour by 110.


Was there ever any doubt?

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That’s how it should work. (For resistances it works 100% like that)
But tbh i haven’t tested that for armour yet.

Maybe the mighty all-knowing @Llama8 has an answer

Tested it on the dummy, armour goes into negative yes.


yeah I thought it had a 20 stack cap rofl.

Not with the power of spreadsheets

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