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Inaccessible potions in immortal citadel

I was in immortal citadel and 2 (possibly 3, but at least 2) potions appear to have dropped on the dais.

they were inaccessible. i couldn’t pick them up directly and they would not auto-pickup.

yes, i was in the middle of the fight , but i went by them several times.

i died, because i couldn’t get potions. started the fight and the exact same thing happened.

i finally got a clue and made sure that i kept the fight away from the dais.

this is the first time i’ve run into an inaccessible item like that. i have had some items not respond to auto-pickup, but i was able to pick them up manually.

But they’ll want pics of the area, maybe highlight the areas where the potions were.

Same problem as Can we increase the potion pickup radius? - #14 by deteego, maybe a mod can merge the threads?

ok, i’ll get some pictures and post them in the report.