In the end, we overestimated you

When it was at 0.92, I brought 10 friends to play LE from D4. The failure of D4 was obvious to everyone, and we always believed that LE would rise and learn from D4’s mistakes to make the game better. Until version, we gradually realized that the LE team seemed to not understand the seriousness of losing tens of thousands of players. I can guarantee that D4 will undergo revolutionary changes in May, and within a month, LE’s online player count will plummet drastically. Moreover, if LE does not make changes now, this game won’t last more than 3 months. I am not exaggerating here; first, let me list a few issues with the game:

  1. I don’t understand why you conduct polls; it may seem fair and transparent, but to me, it seems foolish. The failure of D4 was because their own developers didn’t understand the game, some of them hadn’t even played it. Is your team the same? When my profession is weaker than others, I would also vote to weaken that profession. However, you think this is the right thing to do. You have addressed what you consider to be bugs twice, for the Wizard and Demon Hunter. Yet, your Crusader and Necromancer still have few players (this is just like what happened in D4 S0 to S4). Why don’t you consider strengthening other professions?
  2. Main quest issues! The fun of the game lies in diverse experiences, but our LE team remains very stubborn. Every time you experience a new profession, you have to spend over 3 hours completing the tedious main quests. And after this update, you can’t level up quickly (no experience gained in invincible state). Thank you! You’ve pressed the button for your game’s accelerated demise!
  3. Corruption values in the timeline under the same account are not shared, combined with the second point, the player experience is almost non-existent.

Finally, I don’t want to give any more so-called advice. The online rate on Steam says it all. In just a month of public testing, the LE team perfectly replicated all mistakes of D4’s four seasons on themselves. Unprecedented!


It,s normal with arpg with seasons/cycles that there are excitement at start, and people stop playing. And a lot of players realized that this game is not for them.
I’ve stopped playing after 197h but I will come back again, and I will recommend this game for my friend. It has a lot of too improvement but it’s still very good game.

We have 84% positive of 14500 reviews from players who have played 100 hours+ on Steam - it says something too.


Can’t relate to anything said, the game has genuine issues and problems, but what OP said is complete nonsense and rubbish. Go play poe or diablo, and don’t come here to complain.

PoE leveling is 10 times worse than here.


to safe fellow readers time:

That is the point at which the OP completely disqualified his-/herself. After this point it makes no sense to read futher…



A good doctor informs the patient of the diagnosis, just as a good player responds to the situation. Our suggestions are made to ensure the game’s continued development. If you perceive it as complaining, then whatever.

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We choose games to appreciate them, and I believe all the games I choose to play are excellent. However, nowadays, the beginning of ARPGs on the market is perfect, but the process is tragic. This is not due to the players, as we cannot change the game’s programming settings. What kills game is the games themselves.

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Have you ever done the alternate leveling path? You still have to play some of the campaign but it’s much faster especially if you have a good build.

But it’s the month from release, the game is improving but development is not that fast - diablo 4 will have fixed itemization 9 months after release - in 4th season in may. - but i enjoy playing d4 - 120-160h each season, and I thing with LE i will be doing the same. This cycle I stop playing at 200h but I wait for changes and I will come back.
Games know are huge and evolve slow but Le has very good foundation.


I didn’t go back for this update on D4. It felt meaningless and like a waste of my time. However, if LE still hasn’t identified the issues and made timely changes, I might consider going back to D4. My friends are becoming increasingly disappointed with LE.

Friend, I already have 4 max-level characters. The highest corruption value has reached 1100. After each update, I keep trying new professions and builds, having spent nearly 2 billion gold coins. But this time, I no longer have the desire to try new professions. I don’t want to waste time on tedious tasks and corruption values.

4 max - levels chars and 1100c reached - I think it’s time to break. For me all games became boring after too much time spent:)


The enjoyment of this game lies in constantly improving and items drops, so I do not deny this game. However, after each update, the previous characters can no longer be improved, which is the issue. I acknowledge the bug fixes, but if the characters are not strengthened or adjusted, isn’t this similar to the failure of D4? Why have such a variety of professions and specialties then?

It is how it looks like, d2/d3/d4 at some time U have almost BiS gear. I think U have unrealistic expectations. seasons/cycles works that U start over new char and have new adventure where non-seasonal chars have liitle to zero improvemnt possibility - maybe some new gear arrive - or rework in skills - more powerful crafting options but it can’t be something for hours of play and improvement - rather hours of grind. remember that game is design in theory that 600c i already top value, not 1100c

LOL @ D4.
Yes, Last Epoch’s population will go down soon, but less because of D4 and more because Path of Exile is about to release a new league. A lot of PoE streamers played LE on release, but they’re starting to prepare for the new league, and on league start will be gone from LE for at least until 1.1.

I don’t hate D4. It’s alright. It’s getting improvements. But expectations for D4 are very low right now, and a lot of players will expect it to disappoint yet again. There’s still no getting around the boring NMD grind for the foreseeable future.

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In the end its just another rant post
…where you claim u “dont understand” the devs decisions and insult them as “very stubborn”.


I’m just using D4 as a comparison. There are many ARPGs, but most players who have played LE have also played D4. Of course, the player loss in LE is not because of D4. But why do most players leave after each LE update? That’s the reason.

Same reason most players leave a couple of weeks after every Path of Exile league begins. It’s how ARPGs are played.


I’d say there are more PoE players in LE playerbase than D4. So most are leaving because of a few key points:
1- A new PoE league is coming, so players are starting to prepare for that.
2- The natural tendency of players is already to just play a few weeks each season/cycle. It also happens to PoE. Currently it just happens that PoE seasons have more retention, just like D4 seasons have lower retention.
3- Despite having a good amount of content for endgame considering it was just released, it’s still not too varied and most players get bored after a while. This should improve over time.

Eh? Are you comparing urself to a good doctor/player? Well, where is your license then, sir?

Thank you, friend, but the playability of a game lies in having multiple professions and choices. If a game has high playability, its lifespan will be long. My friends and I have been playing LE persistently for nearly a month, but the recent updates have been somewhat disappointing.