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I'm turned off by the Acolyte model and art

Not a big deal neccesary, but her model and art looks unpleasently weird. To me she looks like a meth addict, she lacks sophistication that a true scholar of dark arts would have. She looks like the thing that someone else summoned, not like summoner oneself.
It’s like she can’t even form complex thoughts, she’s more of a barbarian, an imp; grotesque, aggressive monster.



I know how you feel, but I’ve grown to love my Acolyte characters because the gameplay is superb at this earlier stage of development. I’ve grown to like the model, but I’m the type to not play female characters that often anyway. What would you change specifically? I’m guessig there might be mtx appearance change options in the future, they may or may not be model-defining though.


Yeah I love playing Acolyte as well, gameplay feedback loop feels so good!
The only thing that is relevant for me (regarding her looks) is face. I’d reshape it altogether, there isn’t anything redeeming about it. I’m not sure that I can (or even should) provide concrete solutions here though, the point of this thread is to just let devs know that I’m (hopefully it’s not only me) not fond of this particular visual design.

Some points:

Hair: it’s obvios she doesn’t care about it at all, her hair looks worse than remnants of abandoned raven’s nest. Maybe she should care, just a little? Surely a little magic here will go a long way here.
Eyes: not a fan of (mostly) empty iris, but they can look cool with a little polish. Now they look kinda derpy?
Lips and nose: in conjunction they aren’t human.
Also, I think, that her face shape doesn’t match the body.

All of this doesn’t matter in the slightest when playing, but when I start the game and look at this face on character select… Ugh.

? what is that thing

Be happy you can’t smell her!

In the login screen all models look… goofy at best.


lol … you made me think of Alma from FEAR.

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I agree with the look but in my opinion it’s really due to her facial features. I can see the disheveled hair look and the darker eyes considering she deals with the dark magic of summoning and controlling the undead, but her face makes her look like she’s one of the dead too. She should have a facial expression that isn’t devoid of life but filled with passion or anger at the very least.

I vote for an acolyte with a yennifer look… game or netflix I am happy with either…


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Quick question, why do female characters in games need to be hot/attractive?

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Cause men need visual stimulation… and brain function ceases when we see something pretty…

So this isn’t about this game or Acolyte, right?

Counter questions, why not? Why do they need to be ugly?

If you ask me, I don’t think that women in the game should be hot\attractive, but I’d replace “female characters” with “characters” and “attractive” to “beatiful” and then ask once again “why not?”

Beauty is important, it feels nice to look at, and I believe that playable characters needs to have it at least to some extent. Regardless of actual atractiveness, sex, other features etc.

I think there is some global trend going with normalization of ugliness, and I don’t understand it nor do I think that it’s healthy or good. I’m a firm believer that anything can be beautiful.
//end of my unsolicited rant lol

I can only assume that this is akin to inclusivity of non-hetero relationships/trans people/etc but for “ugly”/non-attractive/“normal” people. If its good for gay/trans/etc people to see characters like them in games, why is it bad for normal-looking people to see characters like themselves in games?

If “anything can be beautiful” why should games only include beautiful (or any other synonym) characters?


this side track is probably gonna get messy…

Eye of the beholder comes to mind… Some people find the Mona Lisa or Jackson Pollock paintings beautiful… I find neither to be so, in fact, I find them ugly.

Traditionally and in a VERY simplistic way, I prefer protagonists to be “easy on the eye” and antagonists to be less appealing visually… games, movies etc…

aside… specifically excluding anti-heros in my example.

Because, presumably, these aren’t supposed to be “normal” characters. Same as comics and such. These are supposed to be the stories of the exceptional. Normal and mundane isn’t exciting and why would that want to be followed?

Also, why is it only the women that people complain about being objectified? Male characters also have exceptional features but everyone is fine with that.

I’m male, that’s what I was complaining about.

I don’t see a problem with either tbh

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This whole thread is a bit weird to me.

The acolyte is a witch infused with dark magic, leeching the souls and blood from her victims, using said power to fuel her growing, limitless army of monsters. She’s not a healthy person, she’s quite literally corrupted. Making her look the Yennefer, as suggested by someone, is just weird because that’s an entirely different form of magic fueling their respective characters.

Do I think adding a more attractive or appealing skin could work, especially as some MTX thing for the dudes thirsty enough for it? Sure, whatever.

Do I think her character appearance needs to change or that it’s bad design? No, it’s great for who she is.

You wouldn’t expect the big, buff primalist or sentinel to be some skinny dude, would you? Their characters are defined by their appearances.

The primalist is a big muscle-bound titan who wields heavy weapons to cleave his foes in twain, so expecting a more attractive appearance for him in the way of a skinny counter to Yennefer would, like her, be unrealistic.

Would I buy a skin cosmetic that let me turn the primalist into a literal skinny twink for the lols? Probably, that sounds really funny.

Do I think that would fit the theme of his character? No.

This has nothing to do with providing representation for any particular demographic and more about just making a character’s appearance match the theme of their class.

Just my thoughts.


because gamers are depraved dopamine chasers


This is all just fantasy. And people have their own vision of how a character of a certain profession would look like. Just to give an example: The Primalist as a Shaman could also be an old skinny man, like Shamans of native American Tribes are portrait very often. A Beastmaster also could be a small young Hunter that is able to communicate with animals.

There are so many ways of interpretation of the fantasy classes in LE and EHG had to choose one vision for every character. It’s normal that they don’t hit everybody’s taste.

I personally like the creepy look of the Acolyte. In general I’m a fan of a dirty style, where not all characters look like supermodels from an Instagram cosplay convention. But I am also able to appreciate a good and beautiful (even sexy) looking character model.

I don’t identify myself with a creepy and crippled old guy, but in terms of roleplay I can easily accept to take this role in an ARPG when the general style of that character looks appropriate.

With character editors different people use it differently:

  • Some build the character as how they wish to look like - being the perfect alter ego
  • Some try to rebuild their RL appearance as accurate as possible
  • Some people try to build a character that in their opinion suits the chosen character class/ playstyle best
  • Some try to build ugly and/or funny looking characters to provoke people or just stand out of the crowd

I don’t think that all the WoW Dwarf or Gnome players really identify with that Race. But they chose them because they liked some aspects that come with (role-)playing these classes.

It’s the same with the genderlock discussion. People have different visions about how characters should look like. And if EHG had enough resources, they would for sure provide more options to cover more of these.

But for now it’s just one fix model/gender per class and we have to live with that. And also with people that dislike the currently offered models and styles.

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Charackter models need a lot of improvements

I agree, but for different reasons.

You see these characters in any amount of detail for about 15 seconds on the character select screen. The rest of the time they’re so small and covered up by armor that you don’t see 90% of the details that people are back and forth about. I, for one, don’t understand caring about character model details you almost never see.

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