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Ignite stacking lag

Playing a few other builds i was able to maintain 144fps, but any build focused on stacking ignites it gets incredibly laggy, cant speak for poisons and bleeds.

I have the same problem. They started with Warpath as soon as I took the Paladin Aura.
Then I started a Sorcerer played mostly with Nova so it was not that big of an Issue. However, I created another Sorcerer because I wanted to play Spellblade. and DAMN at early levels it already started to become UNPLAYABLE really. Every pack of monsters 5+ I get massive 2 second lags. Build wouls be fun but as soon as you have a lot of Ignite Chance its unplayable :frowning:

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About Poison, it doesn’t create lag for me. And I assume I’m stacking quite some poison on Monsters via 5 Thorn Totems AoE Poisoning with ~750% Chance.

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