Idol of Loathing Crash

I have crashed 3x consecutively now in the Idol of Loathing fight. It crashes at the start of the fight when he starts releasing the purple globes. This is my 6th character and this is the only time I’ve had problems with crashes in this fight.

Having the same issue with the fight on my first playthrough. I’m playing Rogue and the fight has crashed three or four times now, usually when he releases the second round of purple globes. One of my attempts I got a little bit further in the fight, though only far enough to see him use the lane attack a second time. I’ve tried reducing graphical settings but I haven’t had any luck so far. Will report back if I figure something out.

Have you tried getting Steam to verify the files?

If the game crashes, it would help the devs if you upload your log/crash files.

Player.log (19.4 KB) Player-prev.log (142.4 KB)
Player-verified.log (27.2 KB)

Totally slipped my mind to check for logs. Steam verification came back clean but I haven’t booted the game since then.

EDIT: Crashed again. I’ve added the latest log, which I renamed to player-verified for clarity. The last few crashes have required hard resets so I’m going to try a fresh install and if that crashes I’ll put this game down for a bit.

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Hello! Thanks for the log files. Could you upload the crash report as well?

It should be located here with [USERNAME] being your computer’s User ID:
C:/Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/Local/Temp/Eleventh Hour Games/Last Epoch/Crashes

Sure, I have several so I zipped them all up. (272.4 KB)

Let me know if you need anything else!

Will do, thank you!

Player.log (60.8 KB)

I promise I won’t bump the thread again after this but the OP saying they only experienced this problem on one character got me thinking, so I started a new Acolyte and played up to the boss. I experienced the problem again, although this time I didn’t get a crash report because it was a freeze rather than a crash.

I’ve updated drivers, reinstalled and Steam verified several times. if there’s something else I could do I’d love to hear about it. I’d really like to play this game beyond the first chapter, it looks like a lot of fun

Just to update, I experience this on all new characters I create and not just on one character.

Could you upload your log & crash files from the crash & have you tried getting Steam to verify your game files?

I know what I said earlier, but I tried some things different and was able to get halfway through the fight. Log and crash files here: Player.log (41.5 KB) (117.7 KB)

Here’s what I did differently: I switched from headphones to speakers because I saw some other crash threads where people suggested audio device issues as the culprit. I switched Vsync back on for no real reason, I changed the foliage density from full to low, and I fought much closer to the boss. This caused him not to use the purple orb attack until he was at about half health, but as soon as he did I experienced a brief period of hang with audio but no visuals followed by a full game crash. I’m going to try unplugging the speakers and plugging them back in to see if that does something.

EDIT: The speaker trick worked, I am now able to progress through the game as normal.

I have the same crash every time I did steam verify and it came out clean
idol of loathing (312.3 KB)

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