I think you are rushing 1.0

First of all I will point out I am saying this is writen with a best possible intention, I like this game and 500+ hours say enough how much i like it

I think you are rushing 1.0 by releasing it next patch you have so many things unfinished in game that it should be like couple of patches before you release 1.0 (from dungeon maps generation, monolith repleyability, unfinished story, unapdated graphics for many areas including a lot of unupdated skill vfx, sound effects, a lot of monster visuals are still not by your new standard, some skill trees are compleatly unupdated and obsolite, death animations for some of them are updated some of them are not, you have a lot a lot of bugs in multiplayer, character models on start of game look like they are made from plastic and some of them example druid has cow face expression, a lot of balancing needs to be done for a lot of skills, there are no voice acting NPCs, I know decision is yours but I really think this game needs at least couple of patches to feel finished, there are a lot more problems with game in a long run that I have mentioned one example is there is no sink for crafting materials of low level and they are super easyly obtainable that they feel meaningles when you find them
There is example a lot of unlogical things as well example 2H staff is carried in one hand, you cant put anything in other hand even though it is visualy available, there are no visuals for gloves on character and so on and so on so I really dont understand why after waiting for so long for game to be cocked you are rushing it now making unfinished product


i think that’s wrong saying what others shouldn’t do or should do, they are more than aware of what they can achieve or not.
Let them work.

I have made my opinion and I am not stoping netheir I can stop someone to work, my coment was in best possible intention and I am following this game for 2plus years so I do not have any bad intentions but reality is reality weather someone likes it or not if somone can convince me that any point that I have wrote is not necesery for the game I would love to hear it


I’ve seen so many posts about “you should do this/that” and is time consuming since they read the forums.
Surely they are under pressure now, so let them work.
This is only my thought.

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Thank you for expresing you thoughts

Yeah, i´m pretty sure they know what they do. I see so much good development the last years in Early Access. Sure, there are some things to do before release. But i have a good feeling. I believe that Last Epoch will be significantly better when released than many other releases.

You are definitely not alone in thinking this, ive heard more people who have hundreds of hours in teh game think 1.0 this year is a rush and a mistake, than don’t. We’re all waiting to be surprised, but yeah, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.


I also agree with the sentiment. I’m worried the 1.0 release will tarnish players’ first experiences with bugs like dungeon doors not appearing, server instability, rubber-banding, or other small bugs that have yet to be fixed.

I hope I eat my words though on 1.0 launch.


I have a feeling this is decision from financial point of view rather than from game point of view, maybe they are forced financialy to do it, if thats the case it doesnt look good


Visuals can be improved later, I personally haven’t noticed most of the things you describe.

I hope these bugs will get fixed before release, otherwise a lot of new players will definitely get mad:

  1. Often can’t launch the game right after installing, introduced in recent big update
  2. Camera bug with char cloning, makes game unplayable
  3. Regular connection losses during party play
  4. Other party bugs (e.g. my friend joins my party and follows me, but I don’t see him), and everything is super slow (invites, pm).
  5. Language mess in chat (even after two different attempts to fix, a completely new solution is needed, is development really going ok?)
  6. Translations inconsistencies, they make the game mechanics hard to understand
  7. LOADING TIMES, even during solo play

Or maybe magic happens and everything is fixed in 1.0 and patching goes smoothly, without new bugs.


The game will never be ready for release if you wait until everything is fixed. A huge number of players demand more content, but with more content comes more bugs and tweaks.

The one big thing that I think the game is lacking that it should probably have at launch is a finale. There isn’t really an ending to the game yet. There is no sense of completion. I guess Majasa is it for now, but the game doesn’t make it feel like that is an accomplishment.

Other than that, finish the missing masteries and squash the bugs and release. New content can be added after as part of big patches.

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I feel the same way; I know devs are working super hard and are very enthusiasts about what’s coming. They showed many cool things in the last year ( act 1 rework, WW, runemaster, new visuals, “some” improvements…) but with the end of the year coming so fast sometimes my faith wavers.

They added “social town hub” in 0.9.1, it was bugged, players were crashing or loading indefinitely and devs decided to deactivate it.
They tried again to add social town hub in 0.9.2 (3 or 4 months later), and it still didnt work. Now loading time for towns is worse than before.

Runemaster is great, the design is clever, the skills feels good, etc… but it’s quite buggy. Which is normal, since it’s the “new shiny thing” and the game is in Beta. But still, there is a dozen of nodes that simply don’t work and are a waste of points right now (go watch Terek’s video on YT for infos, called Runemaster Bugs)… and fixing those takes a considerable amount of work and time.

And now, in 3 months, in addition to “the fixes” needed, they want to have an impressive factions system with trading and social hubs, 2 brand new masteries with their skills and mechanics, they want to improve server performance while having an heavier traffic (I mean… we can expect 1.0 to be the peak in players number) and (maybe?) have some improvements to the endgame experience.

A lot of that will only have a limited amount of testing. Of course, there will be bugs like any game launch… but the fact that so much things are brand new makes it susceptible to have a lot of bugs, crashes and things to fix. With limited resources to fix them, while the hype of the launch is there… How long will it takes to fix them? I don’t know if they plan on sponsoring some big streamers, but if they do and showcase a fiasco of crashes and rollback of promised features at launch, i’m scared that will tag the game as a second “Wolcen 1.0”, will refund the game and never touch it again. Wolcen had a huge launch (130k peak players) but players count dropped quite fast after people seeing that changes and fixes was not coming fast enough. Wolcen tried a few “soft re-launch” with massive updates, sponsorship and etc… but that was too late, even if many problems have been fixed. Nobody wants to buy a game again after having refunded it. Fool me once, they say…

So, yeah, I have some difficulties seeing how EHG can pull this off. That many new things, all at once. The biggest one being the trade system / social interactions / server stability that goes with it, which drasticly influence all players experience. Of course, we have very limited informations and we don’t know how well the progresses are behind the curtain. Maybe it’s going incredibly well, and 3 months is enough ? EHG are very passionnate and really competent people… I just hope that will not be a fumble of miscommunication and overhype/letdown.

Edit : Oh! I forgot to add to the list of things to fix and “reason why my faith wavers a bit” : the translation / localisation. Which was quite a mess. It’s hard to see how that happened and as far as I know, there is no communication about fixing it or how they will do it. Like I said in the post there : I have french friends that don’t speaks english and I can’t say to them to buy and try the game in good conscience at the moment. That’s a bit concerning if EHG advertises it for launch. “The game is now in french!” but not saying it’s not better than a google-translate work without any revision.

Edit 2-3 : Just fixing grammar and weird sentences. English is obviously not my native tongue, sorry!


From what I’m able to see and with regards to the last patch cycles I think 1.0 will come to early. To me the questions is will it be to early but the game redeems itself or will it be the next game on the choping block because people rip it appart because it was release a year to early.

It isn’t long untill we’ll know it ^^.

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Yeah, I’m concerned that this year is too soon (I was since Judd announced it earlier this year) given how much is still to be implemented, let alone bug-fixed…

I also agree with the sentiment that this year is a push too soon. I feel like they want to get it out soon due to pressure from some of the community asking when it’s going to happen, but I don’t think they should give in to that as like @Llama8 said bug fixes are a major issue that have to happen and then be tested first.
This isn’t even taking into account the amount of stuff projected to be added for 1.0.

I know they’ve been working on things and we don’t know the progress, but every release has a lot of bugs to fix so IMHO they shouldn’t push it.


I personally think it might be better to release another patch before 1.0. The patch would include the next completed mastery and any other updates that are ready. But maybe they don’t want to do all of the QA and testing for an extra patch.

This thread is funny.

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None of the comments so far mention the Unity elephant in the room. The proposed runtime charges start in January, so if those are not repealed, releasing this year could help avoid some of those greedy grasps.

But I understand some of the other concerns raised about rushing too much.


I don’t know. I’m sure Wolcen would be happy to pay 20-50 cents per install if they could get their reputation, and player base, back.


It’d be 2-20 cents. But yes. I don’t think cutting your nose off to spite your face (which i don’t think is what’s happening here) is a good thing. Plus only new sales should count assuming unity can work them out, which I have no idea if they can though EHG could as it’d just be their unit sales for the month.