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I think this game has a serious issue with RAM consumption (frequent crashes / loading issues)

There have been several times where levels just load black backgrounds, or they simply crash to desktop. When pressing CTRL ALT DELETE, I get a UI that I’ve never seen before stating that my computer is seriously low on memory (windows 10), with Last Epoch taking up 65% of that memory. Sometimes my icons start to vanish on my windows UI as well.

I have 8GB of memory, but I think this game requires much more, despite the minimum stating 6GB. Pretty sure windows 10 automatically reserves a certain portion of RAM, which probably puts me below the 6GB minimum threshold, but honestly, the average user shouldn’t have to think about that.

This is the only game that has done this to me. I play a ton of games (I have xbox game pass for PC) and have yet to encounter this issue (although Forza Horizon 5 has icon issues from time to time if I play it for too long, perhaps a memory leak? )

Here are my logs if these help you at all, but I’m like 99% sure most of my issues come from memory overconsumption. I am using the custom launcher version (from the official site), and have tried steam as well ( steam honestly was worse because steam took up memory and I couldn’t close it down, so I could never actually start the game without it crashing after character select). I make sure to close all other applications using ctrl alt delete.

error.log (57.1 KB)
Player.log (57.1 KB)
DxDiag.txt (113.7 KB)

Sorry about this.

Looking at your error.log file, it looks like your C:\ drive is quite low on space. If the game (or any other application, for that matter) needs to load more data than can be stored in your RAM, it starts using a paging file on your storage drive. If that runs out of space, things will crash.

I would recommend freeing up as much space on your C:\ drive as possible, since having low space available on your boot drive is generally bad.

You can also search for “adjust the appearance and performance of windows” after opening the Start menu in Windows. Under the Advanced tab, there’s a Virtual Memory section which will allow you to see the size of the paging file or move it. How is it configured on your machine?

I’ll see about us updating the system requirements for Last Epoch; this sort of problem can vary from system to system.

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Thanks for the reply! I actually saw a message that my C drive was low on space, I alt tabbed and checked and it said I had less than 1 GB! When I closed the game, that space came back as 10 GB. I had no idea this was a thing. I have freed up quite a bit of space and I now crash significantly less. This is a really cool and valuable lesson. I have checked the tab and it says slightly over 15 GB (15360 MB). I do not have the game open at the moment though, nothing is open but this chrome tab. It makes total sense why this size of my C drive would fluctuate like that. I will have to ensure I keep at least 20 GB available on that drive. Thanks Hackaloken!