I randomly cannot use any skills or pickup items

So I have been having an issue with the game for months now that has made it nearly unplayable for me. It doesn’t matter what class I play, what map I am in, or if I am in combat or not.

Every 5-15 minutes of playtime, I will just no longer see attack animations or be able to pick up items. I can still pick up gold when walking over it, and I can see my friends still killing things around me still. My attacks do no damage, and I am just able to run around.

When I attack it is just an empty animation (No objects being fired or thrown out), or when I dash I just freeze in the air until I use another skill. The only way to fix this is to leave the game and reload my character.

Here is a video of this happening:

The middle of the clip is me floating in the air while trying to figure out my recording software, but in the beginning and end of the clip I show the weird glitch that I have been experiencing.

I have tried to verify my files, and even reinstalled completely. It doesn’t fix this issue.

yo you need to press ALT Z its not a bug its a weird bind that makes no sense. If your using NVIDIA OVERLAY heres an issue with it as well, since alt z is the default bind ofr Nvidia.

So change or disable nvidia overlay from Alt z. In game press alt Z then go into keybinds and unbind “SHOW GROUND TOOLTIPS” or something like that, just make sure u unbind it after u can pick up loot.

PLlz devs remove this useless bind and pplz get my in game chat to work

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