I lost all my stuff after the character died! (Я потерял все вои вещи после смерти персонажа!)

All items from the chest and all fragments with afixes are lost! After 21 hours of play!!! I started playing on increased difficulty and it wasn’t said that after death you will lose all things! I play offline. Is this some kind of bug?

What do you mean by increased difficulty?
Were you on hard-core?

Yes, sorry, hardcore mod.

Okay then it’s not a bug.
When you die in hard-core your character goes to softcore.
But all yours Stashes, gold and shards stays in hc
If you create a new hardcore character you will find all your stuff waiting for you

Thank you very much for the answer, it became clearer. It’s just that in Russian this mod is translated as complicated and not as hardcore, and I decided that it was something like a veteran in Grim Dawn.

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Nice it has been cleared up.
The differents translations appears to be of very poor quality. If you can I would advise you to run the game in English.

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Some nuances are not available to me, but I think you’re right. Thanks again very much, have a nice day.

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