I know its a bit early but anyone got any 9.0 builds?

I know it literally just started but I’ve been sick for two weeks and haven’t played anything. Has anyone playing the game come up with any builds that work in 9.0?

9.0? No, 0.9? I believe there are some on lastepochtools.com, youtube and probably here.

Brand new maxroll branch that cover last epoch has some build too:

Build Guides Last Epoch - Last Epoch Maxroll.gg

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Yeah for 9.0 its a bit early. :sweat_smile:

Maxroll.gg has a few decent builds on there, definitely a couple of good levelling builds.


also, anything with baby scorpions = win

I was looking for something as well. Nothing on the build planner site for Beastmaster and nothing on Maxroll for Beastmaster except Squirrel Beastmaster that is built around a particular unique I guess.

Is Beastmaster a bad choice for end game?

Speaking for myself I am currently working on a mage build that exploits the new unique that effects spark charges

made a post in mage asking for advice on that, the build is currently incomplete