I just...lost all my characters

That’s it, log in to play for a couple of hours, and it’s gone, everything, stash included.

A quick search point to the fact that while Last Epoch doesn’t have multiplayer, everything is
stored locally on the register, but…I didn’t touch that, last thing I remember doing is messing around some files in the %appdata%(like localapp/roaming) to remove some old trash that stay there forever.

I know it’s beta so I am not raging or anything, but it’s frustrating nonetheless.

Hi, Welcome to the forums…

All Last Epoch savegames and config files are in:
BootDrive:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games

If you make ANY changes to this folder (including deleting things without checking first) OR change “logged-in” user etc, then LE could be affected.

If you use Steam & Steam Cloud Saves, then this complicates things as Steam will then also copy your savegames to the cloud and try and keep the local files in sync with the cloud versions… (Most times this works fine, but when something goes wrong it usually goes VERY wrong.)

If the game crashes while trying to save something, then there is a chance that the savegame can become corrupted - unfortunately nothing that can be done if that happens.

When multiplayer is launched then we will have the option of server based savegames for online play and we will STILL KEEP the local savegames for single player offline play.

So… if the savegames in the last epoch folder referenced above have been deleted then there is nothing anyone can do…

The only way to make sure this doesnt happen again is to manually make backups - that way the worst you can lose is the last playsession… Its what I do with all beta games (and some launched too).

Thanks for the detailed answer, I really appreciated.

But that’s weird, I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete anything from \Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games*, since I knew that it could hold some info about the game, even with some recover software I couldn’t find anything deleted on the folder location(only overwritten stuff), so it was (probably corrupted) and by coincidence I managed to mess around on appdata on the same day.

Anyway, I will set up a VSS service for that, so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Same, just lost the character I spent the last two weeks on, along with 25 stash tabs and 20k affix shards due to a power outage.


Guess I’m turning off steam cloud saves, or just take a break until multiplayer comes around.

Cannot really offer any other suggestions re the lost files… If you are sure its the correct user and there was no restore or deletion that happened, then all i can think is that something got seriously corrupted… This doesnt however usually happen with multiple savegame - usually only one and maybe the global stash etc…

VSS is probably overkill compared to a simple copy script but whatever works for you.

Good luck

Sorry for your troubles… Its not great when things like this happen but unfortunately there is nothing that can be done if the files are foobar…

Multiplayer is supposed to come this year still… most of us are hoping for the next patch which should hit sometime in Dec if EHG sticks to their recent patch cycles times…

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