I just lost 2 characters and 3 levels on my Paladin, please help

I’m not sure if it’s the problem but at home I play LE without Steam and at work I play it on Steam.
Today after leaving home for work I log in Steam and found out I lost a Mage character (level 25+) a Rogue character and 3 levels on my Paladin (maybe 2 I don’t remember correctly). I previously played these characters at home without Steam.
Just checked my stash and I lost alot of items.
There must be a roll back happened on my account. I lost about 2,3 days of playing.
Please help, recover my progression and items please.
By the way, does the standalone game save file to the computer and not cloud?

Ok so I got home and open the standalone LE client…surprisingly I still have everything, nothing is lost.
So the question is how do I sync the progression so next time I go to work and play, everything will be there.
Is there like a save file or something on my computer that I need to copy it to the computer at work?

I solved the problem…plz close the topic. Thanks

Could you share how you did so people dont have to open another topic? :slight_smile:

What I did was reinstall the Steam version of the game then it has an option to upload my local save to Steam cloud then voila it’s done.

Thanks alot my man. I found the local files too, but then i remembered it doesnt make sense to swap them around if i want to keep my character progression.

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