I have created a monster - Swarmblade Lightning Tornado 500+ Corruption(0.9 Updated)

**Update: **
I have seen a lot of people asking for a 0.9 version, here is the build planner for mine. It is noteworthy that I have removed a lot of the implicit move speed on items for the sake of more survivability, so the build will feel slower than the older version.

I was planning to make a detailed post on this one as it took a VERY long time to put together(and it’s not quite finished), but major patch and MP are here so I thought I could drop it real quick.

The build revolves around really high movement and attack speed. You use swarm-blade form and serpent strike to cast as many Tornados and Maelstroms as possible. There is not much to say, here is the build planner link and a quick video of a monolith echo. The echo is at 503 corruption. It can probably push quite a bit higher.

High end improvements: Swap transformed spell damage on chest with +2 Swarmblade form. Those shards are hard as hell to find, yet alone to get onto a good chest.

To put it in perspective, when shock and shred is applied, every lightning hits training dummy for about 100k crits.


  • Spriggan companion dies a lot, might be worth investing in an idol that heals to full on kill.
  • Idols are very high rolls and will likely take a long time to grind.
  • The lifesteal on spell hit from timeline blessing is critical as it is your only sustain but works well with aoe dmg.

Who knew tornado can push this far. Enjoy.


Any plans to update this for 0.9? The trees moved around a bit and serpent strike has a tasty new crit cancelling node.

Serpent strike is currently bugged. At least it was bugged a few hrs ago, dunno if it is fixed yet or has ETA.

It’s not bugged as far as I’m aware if you have the appropriate weapon equipped (in human form) or if you have the node in Swarmblade that allows the Serpent Strike skill tree to apply to Armblade Slash (I think).

Could you tell me what kind of weapon i should use for it? With 2 axes i didnt do any dmg.

Spear/Polearm per the skill description for Serpent Strike. Unless you’re in Swarmblade form and have the node that allows the Serpent Strike tree to apply to one of the Swarmblade form skills.


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I’m new to the game, and I’m not understanding this; How are you casting Tornado while in Swarmblade Form?

You can find an updated planner at the top of the post for 0.9

There is a node on the Swarmblade tree that autocasts tornado every 6 (upgradeable to 4) swings.

Why the level in sapping coils? Does it work with rage or something?

Yes, it does. The mana per stack of Constrictor is gained as rage when you’re in Swarmblade Form. Pretty neat :smile:

Just curious, why the point in Harmony of Blades? If using a spear/polearm its not useful correct?

Because he use dual weapon, 1 dagger and 1 sword in off-hand. If you don’t use dual weapon, you can put that point to anywhere else you want.

I am curious, we say that the spriggan has a hard time surviving, but why aren’t we putting points into the Warding Bark and instead putting points into things like briar summoner which doesn’t seem like it would help at all?
Also, nobody seems to put passive points into the tempest bond for 8% lightning damage per point, is there a reason why that is a bad choice?

Hi, what are the main differences between this build and cold bear?

How to level? Or at what level to switch? Any recommendations?

Noob question here. If both Tornado and Maelstrom are dots that cannot crit, where are the crits in these lightning bug builds coming from (I see plenty of yellow crits popping up in the video). Is this pretty much all from Power of the Storm and Charged Storm lightning damage nodes?

Loot filter available?

They both have subskills (lightning) that are hits and then can crit