I don't have Traveler's Backpack

I bought the game 2 or 3 years ago…this message hurts me/in short/ - “Unfortunately, it looks like your copy of Last Epoch was purchased after our Patch 0.9 Launch date. This account is not eligible to receive the Travelers Backpack.”

Does steam show when you purchased the game. It may on the store page. That could be your proof. This is ridiculous. I don’t have the bag either which I reported to customer service’s forums along with other people and None of us got any reply. Their customer service has become horrible. I know they have a big patch but treating people that have been playing for a very very long time like this is horrible. Heck, just look at my inventory bank and they could see that I have items from many many patches ago that were never updated as far as I know. They aren’t even looking for proof. My guess is that their systems are bugged when it comes to checking to see if someone already owned the game. My single player account is just like yours. at least 2 years old. To add to that. They can seach my use account here in this forums and find me here in discussions from years ago. They can probably do the same for you I am guessing. Oddly enough I did just look at steam’s store page and even though the game is in my account and has been forever, it gives me the option to buy the game. What in the world. They screwed something up or steam did. I’m sorry for the rant, but yes, this hurts me personally too. I dedicated over 1,000 hours to this game already. Check that in steam. You can’t do that since the .9 patch just happened if you only had the game since .9 patch was released. Edit again. So I checked my use of their forums and I have replies and topics going back to April 2020.

I bought it from the official site…transferred it to Steam on the 0.9 release date I trust that this small gesture will reach me too…the most important thing though is that the whole game moves forward and yes become the most intriguing aRPG as I thought at first sight 2 years ago

You have to log in on the Last Epoch site first Lastepoch it then asks you to log in with your steam account, there you can claim the backpack.

Rosy, thank you immensely.

Just to add to this, after logging in to steam on LastEpoch.com, I had to actually go my my Account page (via my icon in the upper right of the forums) and there is a Claim Your Backpack Here XML page on the left side that allowed me to claim it with no issues.

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So glad you have got it now…it looks awesome doesn’t it?

It does indeed Rosy. Thank you very much. I love how detailed it is. Sorry for the late reply. I just got a new pc in a little while ago and had to set everything back up (programs etc) and reinstall the game.

Know the feeling…all excited when I get a new computer then followed by much groaning for all the work it causes!

lol. Isn’t that the truth. Thankfully, although my previous computer was powerful and only a year old, I was given this one as a gift and it is extremely strong so I am looking forward to seeing how far I can push it. It runs BG3 on Ultra graphics with no issues. I am very happy so far.

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