Hungering Souls - clarification needed

The Inspired hunger node description is very confusing as written.

On one hand it very much leads you to believe that it gives a long duration (6 seconds per allocated point with a whopping 5 available to allocate)… but on the other hand it says against ‘possessed’ enemies, so that would lead you to believe that the actual duration is only 1.5 seconds.

EDIT: clarification achieved! for those wondering, you either have to cast hungering souls every 1.5 seconds, or you have to find another way to inflict possessed while the buff is up.

I am pretty sure the tooltip is just not correct.

Usually with these nodes, the duration doesn’t scale, only the magnitude of the affect.

The effect of the node also is not on the enemy, but rather a temporary buff on your character

I’m reading the description on the node itself, not a tooltip.

So I think it is important that we currently talk about which is not the completly correct information for 0.9, because some things are oudated.

And in this case it says “Directly casting Hungering Souls causing you to deal more damage versus possesed enemies for 8 seconds.

But the patch notes describe this differently:

So I am sure the buff lasts 6 seconds regardless of points spent and grant 8% more damage/point (up to 40%)


Yeah I saw the patch notes, which is why my post says 6 seconds. You’re just validating my point, because this still says against ‘possessed’ enemies. If you look up ‘possessed’ it says that it lasts 1.5 seconds. Nowhere in the skill does it say that the duration of possessed becomes 6 seconds per rank.

I think you still didn’t understand how this node works. The possesed duration doesn’t matter at all.

You manually cast Hungering Souls
You gain a temporary buff (lasts 6 seconds)

That temporary buff grants your character more damage over time versus targets that are already inflicted with possesed.

This buff doesn’t care how long an enemy is possesed or not.
It just checks: Is the target possesed

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The buff (more DoT damage versus possessed mobs) from the node lasts 6 seconds. That the Possessed ailment lasts 1.5s is not relevant to the duration of the buff.

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First of all, it’s obvious that I don’t understand how the node works. If I did, would I ask for clarification?

I could easily see the effect being what you describe, but the wording says “against possessed enemies” so if possess wears off, so should this damage buff.

This is anything but clear.

It’s relevant if you read the skill description. As per my post, it specifically says ‘against possessed enemies’ so when possess wears off the condition is no longer met. I’m not saying it works one way or another… I’m asking for a more clear description that removes the ambiguity.

I don’t know what you native language is, but if you read the description carefully it is pretty clear to me personally (and I am not a native speaker)

Directly casting Hungering Souls causes you to deal more damage versus possesed enemies for 8 seconds.

The bolded parts are important (and yes, I know the duration is not 8 seconds according to the patch notes)

The effect is not limited to specific enemies.

It is a persitent buff on your character, even after you received that buff and an enemy is inflcited with possesed after that you still hold the benefits.


Your confusion seems to be coming from, for some reason, thinking that “Possessed” and “Damage Buff” are intrinsically tied to each other, and they are not. They are two separate effects.

Again, as @Heavy said:

  1. You hard cast Hungering Souls
  2. Your character gains a buff that lasts 6 seconds.
  3. While your character has that buff, any damage over time effect it deals to an enemy that is Possessed is increased.

That’s it. You can stand in town and cast Hungering Souls, hitting nothing, and still get the 6 second buff. Whether or not any enemies are currently possessed has nothing to do with whether or not you have the buff.

If nothing is possessed, no additional damage is dealt to anything. If something becomes possessed, additional damage is dealt until they are either no longer possessed or the buff wears off. If one enemy is possessed, and it dies when you have 4.5 seconds left on the buff, you still have the buff.

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Okay, so it’s a buff on your character. So if you hit an enemy who isn’t possessed, do you think it would give you damage? If you cast hungering souls on one mob then 2 seconds later hit it with a damage over time effect you’re saying you would still get the boosted damage even though it’s no longer possessed? I don’t think so, not as it’s written anyhow.

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No my confusion is from the fact that the node says you only get the damage boost against possessed enemies. I fully believe the buff lasts as long as it says, I just don’t think it’ll effect a mob unless it’s possessed, because that’s how it reads.

Then what are you confused about? You just accurately described how the node works, which is how both @Heavy and I said it works. I don’t get what you think is confusing.

The moment you apply a Damage Over Time Effect to an enemy, the game checks all your conditional increases (like the buff from Inspired Hunger).
If the enemy didn’t had the Possesed status before applying it the DoT will not receive the bonus damage from Inspired Hunger

It is really important to understand, that when you directly cast Hungering Souls, you get this buff, independant if you hit anything with Hungering Souls or not.

The buff lasts for 6 seconds, if you apply any damage over time to an enemy during that 6 seconds, if the target is possesed, You will deal more damage.

During the 6 seconds a target can have a possesed status that expires and you can reapply it and still benefit from it.

Possesed is just a status effect that can be easily replaced with any other example.

There are similar things liek this, that give your character more damage vs. targets inflicted by X (Slow, Blind, Ignite etc.)

The game doesn’t care from what source that debuff came, it jsut checks if the enemy has the debuff in question and if yes, you gain whatever benefit the skill or buff provides.

The problem is that the description is absolutely horrible, because if that understanding is correct, then that long duration is absolutely meaningless… but it’s part of what the node gives you, which in turn makes you think maybe that’s not how it actually does work.

Why is the duration meaningless?

If you choose to take this node, you need to cast Hugnering Soul manually every 6 seconds to gain the benefits.

But this buff provides you bonus DoT with all your DoT, not only Hungering Souls.

This is a prime example of some very cool Nodes within Skill Spec Trees, that incentivice usage of multipel skills.

I’ll bite. Point me to another way to inflict possessed.

I don’t understand why you think that Possess having a 1.5s duration means the Damage Buff having a 6s duration is absolutely meaningless.

Do you perhaps think that your character hard casting Hungering Souls is the one and only possible way an enemy could become Possessed? Edit: Ok so you do.