How to unlock Empowered Black Sun?

I have unlocked Empowered Ending the Storm (lvl80-100)

I have looked all over the map for that blue chest, but nothing.

I get only a weird ping at the lvl75map (the one that unlocks the paths to lvl80 and lvl 90) BUT i have already unlocked BOTH paths and i dont have an active quest for it.
I have an active quest for Ending the storm 1/2 paths with NO ping on it.

I am 7/7 Timelines unlocked

I havent completed the lvl 100 echo.

Any suggestions ? PLz ?

If you’re 7/7 timeline unlocked you should be able to find the “chests” wit ha blue crystal on top of it that you click on to empower the other monoliths.

I can’t remember which ones unlock which, but they are:

  1. north of Ending the Storm (Lagon) on the way to Dragon’s Reign,
  2. on the way from Ruin of the Empire (Harton) to Dragon’s Reign &
  3. after finishing Dragon’s Reign.

I do know that the one you get after completing the lvl 100 monolith unlocks the Fall of the Outcasts, so it’s not that.

Thank you for your reply.

I miss the path from Ending Storm to Dragons Reign. i am 1/2 lvl80 paths (unlocked 100 Ending Storm) but i dont know how to nlock this path.
Kill Liath at Second quest? I know if i let her live you unlock lvl 90.

Yup. sigh 5 chars

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