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How to target abilities with controller

When playing with a controller my abilities still go off at the location of my mouse. I know in D3 they generally hit the monsters in the direction you are facing. Is there anyway to get that kind of functionality or do I need to play with mouse and keyboard for ranged abilities for now?


Melee skills will currently attack in the direction you’re facing.

I was also going to make a comment that ranged attack skills, like marrow shards, should function the same or at least have an option to enable that behavior in settings.


I think an option would be an elegant way to implement this as there will definitely be people who want more control over where their ranged abilities hit than what can be provided with a target-assist system and also people who just want to kick back and played a more relaxed version that doesn’t require so much manual effort. I’ll bring it up to the team!

@Grahf for the time being it will be where you place your cursor on the right joystick as it’s simulating a mouse. More updates will come for controller though so keep an eye out.

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Yes, please add a target assist system support for controllers! That would be a huge quality of life improvement. Trying to aim ranged abilities with the right analog stick feels clunky and awkward to use.

Seconded. I love these games with controllers, but as it stands now, controllers are pretty much unusable with the joystick as moving the right joystick is slow and awkward. Perhaps allow the right joystick to determine the direction from center only, and for targeted spells, holding down the appropriate button longer adjusts the distance. with a visible target reticle.

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