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How to redeem supporter packs on steam

Hey everyone,

So I’ve already purchased the game awhile ago, however I decided I wanted to support the devs as I want to see this game succeed so I purchased the Ardent Champion support pack. I did receive a code from EHG. I tried claiming it on steam but that didn’t seem to work. I also asked on the discussion page on steam but no one else seems to know or be interested enough on helping me solve my problem :confused:

Anyhow, If anyone can help, I’d be greatly appreciated!



Hey there… Welcome to the forum.

This kind of thing has to be resolved directly with EHG - they are the only ones that can fix this or relink Steam related things.

If you havent already, please Submit a request – Last Epoch Support, explaining what is going on and what you need.

ps. note that help may be a little delayed as most of the support staff are flooded with processing requests to participate in the community testing of the multiplayer alpha version…