How to localize the affixes of unique items?

We have been trying to localize the game for some time, but we have some confusion.

We don’t know how to localize the affixes of unique items.

Like this:

Can anyone offer some help or tips?
Thank you.

Hey there…

I assume you have read what the devs have said about localisation of the game? There are lots of threads about it. TL;DR they will do it when the game is more completed as they dont have the resources to do it all now and the game is still changing so translations have to wait.

I assume that you are trying to manually do this right now by reverse engineering the Unity Game files… Obviously this is not allowed by the ToS so I am not sure if you are supposed to be doing this… Even if you did, I am not sure what will happen with patch updates…

I think the only people on the forum that MIGHT be inclined to help you would be @Dammitt or @Tunk as they have extracted the data for their websites. Last Epoch Tools and Tunk Labs

Good luck.

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