How many passive points are available?

Update: 1 passive point per level from level 3 and also 10 from quests which means a total of 107 passive points. There is also a mention of 5 points when mastery is unlocked which makes it 112 if I understand right.

Hello there, I am planning to do a tool that can be used as a passive tree planner. I know each skill tree going to have 20 points from a dev post. But couldn’t find about anything about the passive tree. I started the game very recently and still not reached the level cap. But I also noticed some quests give passive points. So I can’t calculate it and unfortunately, official wiki seems lacking at this point.

So it seems that the level cap is 100, so theres 100 from levelling i assume, and there is a thread with some of the quest passives located here - List of places we can get passive skills from quests thread!

I am not sure if this is up-to-date however, as it seems the thread owner says it was up-to-date back on March 30th and nothing after that.


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