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List of places we can get passive skills from quests thread!

I’m pretty confident I have them all for patch 0.6 Please let me know if I’m missing any:) Thanks.

Nine quests total one of them gives 2 passives points for a total of 10

Chapter One

-Void Assault (Council Chambers, Elder Gaspar)

-Pannion’s Students - (Last Archive–>Pannion’s Library) Thanks Flammer515 for the reminder

-Ezra’s Ledger/ Artem’s Offer(Upper district -->Ezra’s Study) The only difference I can see for now is that Ezra gives 100 exp and 15 gold. While Artem gives 20 exp and 95 gold. Sooo I’d go with Ezra for now until Artem’s gambling is implemented. Both give a passive point.

-Armory Aid (The Armory --> The Smelting Halls) - Clear the preset assault and find the quarter master. The prerequisite steps are not required.

-Saving Last Refuge (Lower district)

Chapter Two

-The Lesser Refuge (Wasteland ->Forgotten Caves ->Abandoned Tunnel->Lost Refuge) Gives 2 points.
Note: Picking “Rat City” when turning in the follow up quest “The Refuge” to Geova results in the quest failing but still gives the exact same rewards:P Geova can be found in the lower left hand side of the Council Chambers.

-The Sane Cultist (Ruins of Welryn -> Welryn Catacombs)

-The Ruined Temple (Reach the End of time->Talk to Gaspar)

Chapter 3

-A Study In Time (Imperial Welryn -> Great College -> Welryn Ruins -> College Ruins) Requires Time travel.
There is a known bug when leaving the Great College where you will get stuck and have to exit the game. I recommend getting the waypoint first in Imperial Welryn then entering the great college and town portaling out.
Hint: After breaking the seal in college ruins you have to attack the door to open it. It’s no longer clickable after the seal is broken.

Note: The Immortal Empire quest is not currently complete-able in 0.6.3. Why? There is no way to travel further west;)

Another General Note: Basically every quest that has a prerequisite that can be skipped will still be completeable. This can save a lot of time avoiding dialogue etc. For example you don’t have to actually pick up any of the quests in Council Chambers to complete the quests. Just do the follow up steps if you know them. There are some exceptions to this such as “A Study In Time” which requires a key from the quest giver and “The Sane Cultist” which wont trigger the needed event without the quest.


in Last Archive there is a side quest to the right that gives a passive if i am right.

I think I have them all, but I could easily be wrong. Please let me know if I’m missing any. Thank you.

Sorry to bump this but I just wanna give an extra chance for people to post anything I missed:)

bumping this for the players who might find it usefull:)

bumping this again because i see newbs asking questions, specifically on the last quest. However if they read this I think they could figure it out for themselves;)

I just can’t find Geova in chap b.Where is she?

You’ll find Geova in the lower left side of the Council Chambers which is in chapter A.
Remember Geova does not actually grant any passive points. Just exp/gold.

How do you finish this one? I’m assuming the person trapped in the wall is the key but I’ve done the event 5 times and still don’t get completion

Hmm and you reported back to Gaspar afterwords? Also there’s two stages to the fight. It could be bugged for you however.

Yea must be bugged, will roll another character. Maybe my pets took kill credit or something

Just to clarify, we have no current plans to change the naming scheme of Chapters.

We use different names for them internally; any time you see a letter instead of a number, it just means that someone has goofed - we’d appreciate you letting us know. :slight_smile:

How do you unseal the college door? It mentions needing a crest, but I can’t find it anywhere

You have to timetravel to chapter B Werlyn Ruins and open the college door then take the crest from the skeleton.

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Haha didnt know it was a bug. Just thought it was a creative new take on the chapter naming genre;)

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bumping this because everything seems to be the same in the new patch so far:)

Please post if you notice differences.

Other than the bugs mentioned that have been fixed and the chapter changes. Trying to edit them out but i cant seem to edit the main post?

I have failed in the “Artem’s offer”,how can I do it aggain or change it to OK?

The reason you failed is probably that you completed the other one, gave Ledger to Erza. You can complete only one and both give a passive point don’t worry.

Thank you very much.

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