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Hi, i saw this game while playing POE a few months ago but didnt check how is it before, and now i quitted POE and looking for a new game, and i wanted to give LE a try, i have some questions, how different LE from POE, i personally like POE so much but what made me quit is the complex design of the game (not talking about build, more like juicing map farming crafting etc.) and also the League system which gets resetted every 3 month, i dont want the character that i spent hours to improve to disappear or to be thrown to a dead League/Server. I know LE doesnt have a multiplayer mode yet but as i heard theyll bring it, i wonder how is it going to be like, i personally cant play these type of games if its singleplayer, i want to interact/party up with other people

Simple response:

  1. Simpler than PoE in most aspects but complicated enough to make it fun to theorise and plan builds without getting lost in the complexity that is PoE… More varied than D3 end-game build wise. 5 active skill max and generally easy gameplay - more complex that Torchlight 2 but nothing complex like MMO skill rotations… Simple end-game setup and infinite difficulty with general random maps and dungeons…

  2. Multiplayer is coming in 0.9 - planned for release sometime after September this year… (no confirmed release date). You can read the dev blog for more detail on that and how Multiplayer is going to work. This is currently in closed community testing phase - not available to normal EA players.

  3. The game will have “Cycles” but what these are going to be exactly (beyond resetting competitive ladders etc) is not yet defined. Again, there are older dev blogs that touch on this a little, but for now we are not sure.

  4. Dont ask about trading - its a very touchy subject and right now the devs are not in a position to tell anyone how it will work.

Based on your comments, I would wait until 0.9 when everything will be server-authoritative and you will be able to play with others.

Beyond that, its a great game and well worth a few thousand hours of enjoyment… imho…


Welcome ot the LE Community

Then LE will defintiely be up your alley.

LE has a lot of build variety and build possibilities, while the base game mehcancis are decently simply, but still have some depth.

I don’t wanna sound rude, but that is a player problem.

LE will also have cycles and while I udnerstand the sentiment, Standard in poE is far from “dead”. The economy (if you play trade) is very different, but it is not dead.

We don’t know yet how LE will handle cycles, but if you don’t like resets just stick to standard.

Or play a cycles every now and then when you wanna try a new build and that character will not “disappear” (as it doesn’t disappear in PoE)

My top reason for liking this game is that a “naive” build usually does very well. Look at the skill’s tags, get weapons and passives that buff the tags, and you have a build that will do reasonably well.

and yet, there are still interesting and tricky synergies that allow for really, really strong builds.

so the underlying simplicity allows you to have fun without being an expert, and yet there’s still interesting techniques to uncover.


There is a bit of deterministic crafting still in LE but a decent dose of RNG was added in a past update. Some welcomed the change and others did not :). Gearing is easier in LE than in POE but not as brain dead as d3. My main concern with the game is the over reliance for bosses on what I refer to as one shot hop scotch mechanics. In d3 greater rifts at end game level like 80 + the elite mobs and their adds can straight up annihilate you if you are not geared or leveled correctly, and play well. No pattern mechanics required. Also, a boss such as the Shade of Orobyss does not need 30 different attacks.

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After going through several different updates and enhancements during the early access period, Last Epoch now looks stunning. The graphics in Last Epoch is incredible and the gameplay feels well polished as well. If you’re bored of Diablo 3, Last Epoch is a great game you can jump into...

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