How exactly guilds work?

does the circle guild is basically meant for ssf players? if i chose that build can i trade with players or what? and if i join trade guild i can put up items on auction house? and other people who are in merchant guild can see them only?

I highly recommend reading the official dev blog. All your questions are answered there:

If you are a player that wants to play SSF, the Circler of Fortune is definitely the only option.
But Circle of Fortune does not automatically mean you have to do SSF.

Regarding selling items, there are several restrictions in place. Short answer: You can only trade things in the Merchant Guild that have no faction tag. Items gain a faction tag when they are accquired through any of the factions mechanics.

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what is faction mechanics

As Merchant Guild all random loot drops without Faction Tag. Only once an item was traded through the bazaar it will gai nteh Merchant Guild faction tag.

As Circle Of Fortune only Items granted by Prophecies or Faction Rank Bonuses will get the Circle of Fortune Tag. Other random loot still drops without faction tag. This means a portion of your loot would be tradeable in the Bazaar when you change factions (or have another character in the Merchant Guild).

so you can sell even combined LP items on merchant guild? just whoever buys them cant resell them?

As long as it didn’t drop from CoF mechanics, yes. Basically, whatever you have that doesn’t have a faction tag can be sold. When you buy things from the merchants guild gains a merchant tag.
Oh, and items you have pre-1.0 can’t be sold either.

i see ty

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Did you even read the dev blog?


Clearly not. But at least nobody linked it to him.

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Apparently, some of this info was wrong. According to the latest Mike stream, everything that drops while you’re CoF can’t be traded. Gear that drops normally without being affected by CoF bonuses won’t be tagged, which means you can switch to MG and still wear it, but you won’t be able to trade it.

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I’m unsure about one thing… If I play with a friend and we are both online and in the same area when an item drops we can gift those to each other. If we don’t pick a faction can we gift said items back and forth as we please because they wont be tagged in any form?

Yes. I don’t know if you will be able to give item A back or not. That is, item A drops, you give it to your friend, I don’t know if he can immediately give it back to you or if it gets locked.
Otherwise, as long as it’s not tagged, you can gift whatever you want.

Also, if you’re CoF and he’s MG and you get a CoF drop, you can still give it to him. He just won’t be able to equip it with that character. But he can stash it and use it on another CoF character he might have. And vice versa.

It should also be noted that there will be a base drop rate nerf, so not joining any faction won’t be a good idea. You will need the bonuses from the factions to offset it. Meaning that if you don’t have a faction, or are just level 1-2, drop rates are worse than pre-1.0. Once you rank up, you’ll then get access to more gear than you do now, whether better drops from CoF or just trades from MG.

As a sidenote, Mike predicted that many people that plan to start CoF will switch back to MG before reaching a high rank, since he thinks it’s overhyped right now. His opinion is that CoF can certainly “compete” with MG for items, but that trade will be much more optimal for this.

Gifting isn’t affected by whether either of you are in a faction or not. Gifting doesn’t interact with factions at all.

You can gift tagged gear as long as you were both in the same zone & party when it dropped.

Yeah, I know. It’s what I said in the next paragraph.

Also, even if you’re not in the same zone, you can still gift it, as long as you have a resonance for that player.

Yes, I noticed that & wasn’t sure why you contradicted yourself, but didn’t want to say…

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I wanted to separate between no restrictions gear and gear with restrictions, I just didn’t phrase it well.

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It’s more about the the tag not so much about gifting. if neither player chooses a faction the items aren’t faction taged and therefor you can gift them back and forth however you like and use them given the player was in the same party and zone when it droped.

I have some troubblesome family matters at hand and not much time right now but IIRC there was no time limit on gifting items back and forth. Or was there something that when it was used it’s bound or whatever time period? If not taking no faction has it’s own benefit ^^.

The point we were making is that gifting items doesn’t have faction restriction. You can gift MG and CoF items as well just the same way you can with non-tagged gear. And since the base drop rate will be nerfed, there really is no advantage to not joining a faction.

Whatever restrictions will be applied to gifting an item, whether it’s because it dropped while they were on the same zone or because you used a resonance, will have the same restrictions for tagged and non-tagged items.

This is true, however you can gift them back & forth as much as you like regardless of whether the item has a faction tag or not.


This sucks, hope things improve soon. :people_hugging:

No that kind of cancer isn’t known to improve and it’s all about making things as bareable as possible. Life suxx sometimes but I’m suprised by myself keeping up a good spirit.

Yeah but it’s about usage as well. Non taged items can be used by everyone without any problems. This makes the whole no faction picking thing a bit strange to me. Sure your drop rates are a mess and you can’t market for gear and it’s most likely not beneficial at all but isn’t it the complete opposit of what LE wanted to achive with the factions? :smiley: