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How does the forged weapons/armour mechanic work?

The skills Forge Strike, Manifest Armour, and Ring of Shields all create minions with “stats based off your equipment”. What stats does this include? All affixes? Or just the implicits (added damage, attack rate, armour, etc)? If it includes affixes, which ones do anything, and which ones don’t? I’m guessing ones that deal with mana won’t do anything. Thank you!

From memory it varies. There was a thread around here somewhere that detailed the stats that were/weren’t inherited by Manifest Armour but I can’t seem to find it.

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Thanks, LLama8! I tried searching the forum, too, to no avail. Even if the thread is closed (after 2 months), it still should be searchable, correct?

Yes, you can search for everything in the forum that is public and not has been deleted.

You will notice a lock symbol in front of the thread in the search results, in front of the thread.

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Good to know. Thanks, Heavy.