How does the crafting work?

I’m getting a lot of unique shards and crap, but how the hell does this crafting work? I’m level 22 and I don’t understand how this works. I have a learning disability so it’s kinda like huh what?

You have already created this exact post 3h ago and it was answered there.

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Nobody has answered my simple question.

You could have just replied there and saying what your issue is. There was a video there to explain crafting. If that’s not enough, try this one:

Either way, there was no reason to make a new thread when you could have continued the discussion in the first one you made.

Then ask more precisely what you want to know in your OG thread.

Press F drag and drop or shift + right click on a item to transfer it into the forge menu.

You can raise affixes up to T5 that are already on the item, when you have affixes.
You can use runes of shattering to extract affixes on the item into affix shards.
You cna fill empty affixes.

Just try it out yourself worst thing that happens is you create some bad items, but that is how learning goes.