How do I use the crafting forge? I'm level 22

How do i use the crafting forge? I’m level 22 and I have a lot of shards supposedly.

Press F when you are ingame.

Try picking up items that already have a couple of usefull affixes that you want and then increase their affix tier or add even more usefull affixes to open affix slots.

Later down the line you can use more advanced methods and for example reroll undesired affixes on otherwise very good items with Glyph of Chaos. Or even try to remove them with Rune of Removal of make space for another open affix with Glyph of Despair.

Also, in game you can press G to find a LOT of the answers you might have.

Nobody ever told me that you had to press the TRANSFER button to save the shards… I didn’t know that… So that’s a fault on everyone for not giving a complete guide.

After playing for so long, it’s hard to remember everything that we had to learn and then tell new players, so it’s not really a fault of anyone not telling you ‘everything’ as we don’t know where you are in the process and what part you don’t already know.

The ingame guide is your greatest tool for most of your questions.

Was the big glowy button not a bit ofa giveaway? Did the glowyness not draw the eye & whisper to you to press it?

Did you read the in-game game guide? Or the loading screen tips?

press F, and press G for most of the guide you need in game.

This is clearly going to make “everyone” sympathetic to your cause to drop everything to help you out in the future. Shame on all of us.