How do you keep interest inbetween patches?

Thats it, basic question. I find myself quickly getting bored after i get to a certain point with this game. Monoliths feel really repetitive and it gets tiring going through them after a certain point. I keep trying different builds/skills feeling for what i like to play. I have a champ in every role up to level 80 almost now. So far the most fun just run and gun farmer i have is a void knight spamming devouring orb and hitting abyssal echoes for larger groups when i get close.

Plus I keep seeing all these changes and reworks every patch that makes me feel like i should just wait for the next patch as a bunch of stuff from this patch won’t really affect as much.

But I just get bored doing the monoliths.

Edit: Wow, lots of views and responses. Enjoying the conversation. One of my favorites so far was

I totally agreed with the Lich stuff too, I kept having a hard time with learning how to balance the low health with damage. One wrong step with it and you die really easy.

I tried another game the Ascent, not sure how I feel about it. On one hand its fun, but they screwed up their multiplayer so badly that its causing full saves to be overwritten when you do a co-op with an already made character apparently.

Plus there’s all sorts of wonky mechanics, you gotta deal damage to build up technical skills to be able to throw a grenade, and the mechanic of it is super awkward. Am enjoying it though.

Joined the Vision GL hardcore tourney, I highly recommend it as when new patches hit they do softcore tourneys, then after the softcore they do the more difficult hardcore tourney.

Tried two different characters, one died to a void priest cause i didn’t see the purple void explosion thing underneath me, second one I died to Majasa ruins around level 35 trying to go to the dead guy on the ground from some necrotic arrow dude who did 99% of my health in one hit.

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Some members of the community organize events around the patch cycles. @VisionGL is best known for his weekly tournaments, i think @Additional_Baker hosted some races aswell. I’m organizing events for the german community on our discord server.
It’s something to keep interest in playing the game and it is always fun to try out new stuff and meeting new people.
During those events you maybe have a chance to try out a class/skill/build you never tried before. So there is basically always new stuff to learn.
Otherwise what i like to do is choosing a random Unique and build around it in the off time.


I also get bored, so I often play my next character solely on ‘last epoch build planner’. It’s just like POE, there is a huge contingent of us playing PoB and not buying into the level of grind in the actual gameplay.
I’ve been pretty vocal about this for a few years, but the trend has been away from fast development of your character toward repetitive grinding. I don’t doubt that lots of people like this, I’ve just always argued that we’d lose nothing by simultaneously catering to those of us who get less value out of investment bias, by simply reducing the number of monolith runs it takes to reach a boss. The grinders would still have the option of doing their thing.

I do have 2 main things, that I do.

  • 1st: Playing my favorite build (Low Health Non-Ward Harvest Crit Lich) and pushing corruption in MoF as much as possible while keep improving the build

  • 2nd: Building around certain “self-imposed” restrictions, like building around a specific unique item, or a specific synergy of 2 skills etc.

For the first one, I actually need to hold my self back a little bit sometimes, to not get burned out already, since I want to play that, when MP releases and later with 1.0 and cycles as well.

The second thing definitely gave me the majority of my playtime in total.
I did a build around basically every Unique, that is available in-game (at least the ones, that you can truely build around).
Those self-impsoed restrictions are so fun, because it’s not about making the “best build possible”, it’s about making the most fun build, while staying “within the box”, of that certai nthing I wanted to build around.
These buidls sometiems are not objectively strong, but it’s still a great experience.

Some of the most fun builds I ever played in any aRPG came from building around certain uniques or sets, like Gaspar’s Void Mage or Life’s Journey Harvest Sprit Plague Spreader :smiley:

In principle, it’s almost the same thing.

I did the same, I implemented all the Legendary Items that I thought were “build-worthy” as a build in the build planner and played a large part of them.

Whenever I found a build that I really enjoyed, I kept it exactly like it is and created a new character for the respective class to test further builds.

Now I’m at a point where I’m also a little “monolith tired” and wait mainly and hope for new food through the next major patches.

There is still a lot missing to be able to represent this game as “halfway complete”.

But it’s not really a big problem for me, Last Epoch is still growing. All fine.

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I play other games.

I have an arpg rotation of sorts. Currently d2:R has its hooks in me pretty good.

I wish d2:R could take some queues from Last epoch in terms of inventory managment and loot filters, and I wish Last Epoch could take more from D2:R’s Itemization and loot.


I have multiple games going at the same time. I have a character I am working on in LE. When I don’t feel like LE I load up my Shadow Empire save. I also have a bunch of digital boardgames (current Gremlins Inc and Wingspan) and a roguelike I keep installed when I feel like it (currently Dreamscaper).

Ive owned LE for actually 2 years now

I only played LE during downtime of PoE leagues which hasnt really changed but I can only play now for a few days and just get bored, my PC got wiped and I restarted 2 characters from nothing and got to 80/81 both times and quit as I had really good gear and no reason to keep playing. Im talking like T19 Chest piece at lvl 72 etc

To be honest grinding for Omnis kind of ruined this game for me and sort of made me permanently hate factors in it

Yeah one of the more annoying things for me was the amount of time it took to get some items in Monolith or build up a bunch of stuff to finally challenge the boss and he doesn’t drop the item for like 4-5 tries. I also wish the arena had boss fights in between waves occasionally. The barrel system kinda sucks for drops, not sure on the reason for it? they have treasure chests for literally every other system. But arena you gotta smash barrels…

I really enjoy this game though, its got a lot of really cool abilities, there’s a lot more things coming down the pipeline, I personally look forward to the next patch to try the Druid again and Primalist again with the Upheaval spell, that looks like its gonna be pretty good.

Personally, I tend to take a break from actual gameplay and spend more time on the forum seeing what is coming & helping out if I can… It helps keep me interested (dev posts, confirming bugs and theorising future builds) for what is to come…

Occassionally I will farm for specific Uniques that I didnt get from random drops earlier in the patch, but that usually means I take one of my “best clearing” builds and mindlessly run monos while watching Netflix. Sometimes I will min/max gear & blessings during this same process with strick loot filters but generally its just waiting for a unique to drop.

Me too, ideally non-aRPGs.

Which is why I just couldn’t get into D2R, it’d learned nothing from the last 20+ years of aRPG development & yes, I know that it’s supposed to be a close-to-the-original rework & I’m ok with that, I don’t have to love all aRPGs.

Get in the lab, throw some wonky builds at the wall and see what sticks.

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I try new things.
Builds that I think about, or builds that other players find cool, or unpopular builds.
I experiment a lot with Uniques or with combinations.

I do a lot of testing.
Since last patch, I leveled about 20 characters, because I wanted to see how the fight against Majasa feels with a newly leveled char. So at least one from each Mastery, then some more for different specializations.

I leveled a Druid and brought him to Empowered timelines for no reasons, just because I felt like doing it.

I tried to play Lich again. I love the char, but I feel rather bad with her kit.

I tried different ways to level chars. Different methods.

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I second trying other builds or interactions. I will literally mess with various interactions that seem like they wouldn’t work or would be clunky and try to force them. Find the problems, then remedy them. 9 times out of 10 this ends in failure but I usually find interesting mechanics and such. Then, I can remember and utilize when a new skill/unique or something comes out that solves the issues the build had.

interesting on the build and interactions stuff, I’ve been doing some of that too. I’m playing all my characters softcore and using my highest level guy to quick farm for items for other builds. I’m looking forward to trying the new bow I got recently on my marksman.

Its human to get bored after doing something repetitively for the hundredth time, doesnt have to be a game.

Keep interest? No such thing because you get bored of the “new interest” too…

The only way to feed your insatiable hunger for new things is to play something else because game development takes time.

So… all in all, you will get bored no matter how the game add new changes because its just in your own nature and character to get bored of things.

Mainly I just enjoy testing stuff and builds, one nice thing about the game is that even within the same mastery you can have vastly different playing experiences. That’s where I spend most of my time, and it also makes going back to your main more refreshing I have come to find.

Also, there are certain build types that certainly “fatigue” more quickly than others. Those are typically the “one button” builds. Builds in which that skill is used >70% of the time. I typically play those in shorter sessions or for a bit before switching to something else.

I will also hop on different games and play different things from time to time, sometimes another aRPG, sometimes a different genre entirely.

For me though, really it’s just the curiosity and the mad scientist stuff that keeps me going. Speccing new builds at end game is so incredibly easy that I can often answer my questions within an hour.

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Good question. I really like the game but I’m really tired of playing the campaign, particularly the first few chapters. They’re somewhat boring and repetitive. Then again, most campaigns in ARPGs are, so this is nothing new. The problem is that there’s no way to level without doing at least the campaign to the End of Time. I’d like some way to skip all of that and just do something akin to D3’s rifts to level without the boring campaign.


100 times this. One button builds never last with me. Half the time I get bored of the build before I reach story Lagon.

This is also why I am really looking forward to the 10th. A multi form druid that changes out abilities each shift sounds like the kind of depth I’ve been wanting.

Play roughly 2 weeks of whatever the new patch is, because by then its just the same old boring grind on the same old boring maps, with the same old boring objective, then play other games that have more content, thats the way i have personally treated LE since i got the game in may 2020. Think there was a patch, the monolith overhaul that had me play longer.

The other side to this is, the game is EA so i dont expect much else, and will be more gripping the closer to 1.0 it gets, with MP, more content being added and cycles/seasons/leagues starting.