How do you keep interest inbetween patches?

If there was good and intresteing stuff implemented I keep playing but if there was stuff implemented that is only good for a oneshot I play different stuff. I don’t want to burnout on the game while it is in beta state. When there is MP and I keep my stuff after release things are different but right now I play only as much as I like to without the urge to minmax and stuff like that.

I take breaks and rotate between several games. I basically set a series of goals at the start, once I reach them I am typically done. There of course are exceptions like finding a really fun build that keeps me engaged more than the original goals then set different ones. I also use the downtime to theory craft builds and make off-meta builds that have a theme to them.

Agreed, one of my biggest gripes with ARPGs is forcing players to go through the storyline alone to level characters all the time. There should be an alternate way that can come up earlier. POEs giant “hey go through these ten chapters before you get to start the end game campaign thats hundreds of maps long to get a shot at fighting a really difficult boss. is awful”
I like LE’s storyline so far though, the travelling through time and the gods fighting each other and the whole “void” eating existence and the people giving up and turning themselves over to it. Its creepy and done well.

And I don’t give up! I’m happy with my last char, so I will probably try to level a new Lich today.

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