How are you buildin' your Falconer? I got mine ready!

I was pretty disappointed in Falconer. Maybe some of the uniques will get me excited for it. Given what is currently known, I want an item that makes the bird do Falcon Strikes on bow critical or something.

Other than that, the Explosive Trap seems the best skill and it is probably best by going with a different mastery. Traps triggering detonating arrows (I wonder if there is a
Jelkhor’s Blast Knife build here), traps as bow attack Reign of Winter spam.

That’s an interesting idea, Jelkhor’s w/ the blasts. Since you dont need to go the bow route for explosive trap to get the explosive arrow to work with it, maybe. Ima try that out, I got a spare knife in will-be-legacy.

I wonder actually how high you can get your Glancing blow chance now w/ the shield node on FAlconer without speccing the no dodge/dodgerating as 200% chance to glance. Maybe stacking those is much more viable now than it was and I should be layering my defenses that way.

Just from basic nodes without Dusk Shroud, it’s around 51%
A well rolled Arrowguard can get you to 100%
It also looks like it would be very easy to get 100% block by converting it with Corsair’s Set>

Not sure what would happened if you had block converted to GB and GB converted to block. lol

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One of them should have priority, so you’ll only get one at 100%.

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You can get 51% glancing blow chance just from passives without any other source (including any % block chance affixes/passives), 56% with Fencing Grace & a 1h weapon (but no shield).

Or overcapped…

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Glancing Blow mitigates 35%, it seems like block effectiveness around 900 is around 35%. So when considering conversion, if you can get more than 900 block effectiveness, block is better.

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But Rogue gets health on glancing blow not block.

Can a glancing blow and block not happen at the same time?

They can, you just can’t dodge + anything else.

Neato. Wonder if I didn’t get that block as glancing node on Falconer if I can reasonably get a decent ammont of all 3, dodge, block, glance.

So far as mana generation goes, the Falconer tree is pretty lenient w/ what it offers in mana recovery, especially when going the traps route. Building Shift and Aerial Assault for mana recovery, as well as mana on kill/hit on boss on Falcon Strikes, getting a mana per trap popped and slotting in some mana regen on gear, you could probably get away with a good chunk of spam time on skills. We’ll see how efficiently we get to spam.

I’ve gone through and redone the proposed build a little bit to add more burst on cheaper skills. Aerial Assault w/o movement using Umbral blades for explosive umbral blades and shadow dagger procs which is way cheaper than my old idea of using Dive Bomb for what will most likely be similar damage, though it does eat 2 spots for essentially 1 skill I’d be actively using.

I’m planning on using a spear and going puncture → exsanguinate. Stacking Dex. Stacking as many bleed stacks as possible with as much attack speed as possible and pop them with Dive Bomb. Falcon and net also bleeds. Slows from multiple sources. Not sure how good the proc stuff is but going ot give it a try just for screen clutter memes (Feather Knives in Falcon tree, Featherfall in Dive Bomb tree, Feather Storm/Umbral Blade/Shadow Dagger in Aerial Assault tree). Defenses are Glancing Blow cap, max res, close to dodge cap, dusk shroud, crimson shroud, small amount of leech. Not sure if that will be enough for high end monolith but I can adjust it later

Here’s my take (warning, not expert build maker)

Why not Rapid Strikes? Not sure how good it’ll be to go hit damage plus bleed, though at least it is all physical & it’s not as if the Rogue needs to go much out of it’s way to get bleed chance.

Also slightly surprised you didn’t go for Spear Trap/Server of Tricks for even moar Punctures (& Shadow Dagger stacks).

I think Singularity disables Shadow Daggers auto-crit? Never tried it, but that’s how I’d imagine it works.

I didn’t choose Rapid Strikes because I don’t really like temporary power and one net using one puncture just didn’t sound that great to me.

Never played rogue so honestly don’t know know how all the Shadow stuff works

What about throwing 3 nets at a time & getting 3 Punctures & 3 stacks of Shadow Daggers?

Shadow Daggers is separate to Shadows. Shadow Daggers is an ailment that when it reaches 4 stacks it does damage. Shadows are more of a Bladedancer mechanic whereby they can be created & will copy/echo specific skills (& get consumed when they do).

Honestly the biggest change I’ll consider after seeing how much dmg I’m doing is swapping Aerial Assault out completely. The way I spec’d it doesn’t have any utility, it is “just some extra damage”, which is nice, but Shift could give more slow stacks (which makes another skill do more dmg), cull, shadow daggers, and there’s even some bleed nodes there

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I’m not sure whether the Deicide Lance’s higher base damage would be better than the one you’ve gone for, depends how many stacks of armour shred you can keep up. I’m also more of a fan of chill since that affects attack/cast speed as well as movement speed.

Good call on the spear, that was one of the first items I put in there and I have shred elsewhere in the build so the flat phys would be better from a different base. Also I would normally agree with you on the chill, I’ve played many ice builds in PoE just because of the defense you get from it, but I added a little bit of slow for the Strike Their Flank passive (2% more multi per slow on target)

Yeah, maybe swap the life on hit (since Puncture isn’t the fastest & you have leech instead?) for chill & keep the slow?

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