How are you buildin' your Falconer? I got mine ready!

So, I’m very excited to fight along side my feathered friend, and I’ve sat down today and theory crafted a whole bunch of potential builds and I finally decided on one I like and am ready to dedicate to for launch.

Triple element Explosive Trap w/ Falcon Strike spam (as much spam as you can get with the cooldown reduction on tree) as my bread and butter.
Dive bomb I specced for burst damage, going to longer cooldown route w/ higher damage so I don’t have as much to spam (otherwise my hands might not be ready for the 96 hours of gametime we are gonna do on the first 4 days after launch)
Shift and Shuriken Shield for movement/extra defenses. Shift built for life regen/mana regen/ailment cleansing.

High dex stacking. One hander + Shield. Block converted to Glancing Blow chance. Armor per Dex. I want the floor of my defenses to be high hit mitigation, basically. Haven’t really planned out how to not die to DoTs yet, but we’ll get there.

Build planner link for more reference;

If you got suggestions/ideas on how I can do this same vibe of build, but better, throw it at me. I’m by no means an expert build crafter, just a very excited dude who wants his bird.

Don’t want to rain on your parade, but where’s your mana generation? You’ve got a lot of expensive skills and no generation so the “spamming” is going to be limited by your passive generation.


I was thinking about that while tryna fall asleep. But that’s an easy fix. I can replace shurikens w/ either Flurry for Mana or make shurikens a normal attack skill, make it cost 0 and take the Mana node in the main Rogue passive tree. Flurry is probably the way the go if I don’t care about being in melee, which is probably fine.

Been messing with a bow version of this build, but to get the defenses how I want it, I really need the shield/one hander. Plus, going for the bow nodes make Explosive Trap much more expensive bc you have to path through the + thrown per cast + mana cost nodes. So melee Flurry is probably how I regen mana, unless the flat 8 per cast w/ Shuriken + node on base Rogue tree is enough. In game testing will let me know.

Edit 2:
Was messing with a bow version bc it would be safer to Flurry at range for Mana than in melee.

That really doesn’t sound healthy, for any part of your body.
Please, don’t do that to yourself.

Lmao. Thank you. I do plan on sleeping, eating and performing other bodily functions necessary for survival. I just meme bc I took time off work to have 4 days to binge the game a little bit.

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Sorry for taking it literally.
It’s just that I have seen friends attempt similar things.
They kind of went off the rails.

On topic:
Exsanguinating Strike build sounds fun.
Haven’t done any build planning, since I will start with a Paladin or a Necro.

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I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a Falconer, but I won’t be planning anything in advance. I plan on trying out skills and respecing them a lot.

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It’s all good man. I respect that you care enough to make a point of it. Thank you <3
Exsanguinating would be fun, I am the agree.

In all likelihood this’ll be how it happens for me too, but I can dream.

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The build I’m working on is [redacted].

The past 20 years of videos/posts getting cool builds nerfed has taught me to keep my builds to myself.

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Lmao. Fair enough.

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Melee Flurry would have the benefit of being able to get Dusk Shroud on melee hit & life on hit but requires an extra skill. Using Shurikens as a zero cost skil has the benefit of being ranged & not requiring an extra skill slot but gives you less armour 'cause you’re not going the blade shield route.

Melee would be tankier (using a shield & getting dusk shrouds), ranged would be safer.

They’ve already nerfed stuff I want to do.

Yea I was thinkin’ about swapping shurikes for melee flurry. I had forgotted about dusk shroud generation, so this might be the play now that you mention it. Thank you!

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Not sure but I’m curious how the capability to explode your decoy combined with Hive Mind will work in a build, I’m thinking a LOT of bees, especially if it’s combined with Keeper’s Gloves.

The same as it does currently, Keeper’s Gloves requires you to hit with a melee skill, your Falcon is not you so doesn’t count for the gloves.

Ah, haven’t looked close enough at it yet then.

The falcon is a minion/companion so obeys the usual rules.

Yeah, I get that. I haven’t played a Rogue in a while so wasn’t sure if the exploding Decoy was something only triggered by the Falcon or if it was somehow triggered by you.

Decoys explode at the end of their duration, the unique Kelthan Blasting Powder reduces the duration by a significant amount for this very reason, so you’d want Hive Mind & Kelthan Blasting Powder to do a Rogue bee build.

Thanks for the reminder.