How are you beatin' up the harbingers this cycle? (Cycle Starters)

Dilation says “when you use a melee attack and hit an enemy” to generate the buff typically this is only direct use.

Murama’s hilt could help along with CB mana on hit and of course since Fissure and CB aren’t specc’d for damage(and your harvest proc rate is capped), can go for the mana cost redn. and recovery nodes.

Mana on Harvest chest affix would pretty much solve it but need muh Titan Heart.

Problem is the Dexterity requirement feels like a waste, no real synergy aside from maybe Mourningfrost but Harvest gets better flat from Int stacking anyway and Necrotic damage works better thanks to Fissure’s resist shred.

I have 3 characters planned,

  1. Paladin - Lightning Smite with HH & electrify
  2. Druid - Frostbite/Ignite Totems Spriggan
  3. Bladedancer - Lightning Chakram with Synchronized Strike & Umbral Blades

These are 3 I’ve played but never perfected, and they have really fun playstyles.

Falconer will the class I race to 100 to. After that? Probably primalist.

Wow can’t believe noone is starting with the new Dual wield Shield build!! I can’t wait! Also finally a Forge Guard build that isn’t a MEME.

The Monument of Protection Unique is gonna be awesome for new builds since it’s basically a 1 handed Shield Axe. Also you can now achieve 10k Block effectiveness that will scale Shield Bash massive amounts.

With the new Shield Bash nodes and Ring of Shields in Forge Guard you can have a D2 Smiter. Since you can achieve 50% faster attack speed now for Shield Bash based on Block chance.

The damage scaling should be pretty impressive as you Perma stun delete everything while being super Tanky with 2 Shields.

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My friend and I have been talking about it, although I’m not sure yet exactly how to build it or who is gonna end up playing it. Made a thread here to show our work so far and ask for advice: Help building dual shields build?

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I’ll look over the builds and add anything I see in that thread thanks for letting me know. I’m pumped to play this.

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