Hope it gets optimized

Just tried it, game is awesome…

I just hope it gets optimized, I got a decent rig and it heats up a lot.

Tried setting a fps cap or reducing shadows (since those don’t mean much in this genre anyway)?

Maximum FPS is already set to 60 which is a most for me and shadows along some other options are set to medium by default.

My rig is:

Intel Core i7-6700K
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

Playing in 1920x1080

Yeah, I believed you when you said you could run the game just fine. My thought was more on how you could reduce excess workload on your cards with minimal impact on your experience in order to reduce those temps a bit.

To be honest, some games do heat my PC like this, the worst one were Need for speed Heat and Kingdom come deliverance.

You looked for any commonalities across the games? Maybe something in how they handle AA, DoF, or some other features?

I’m not sure, I couldn’t find commonalities but I talked in person with good PC tech and he told me that these temperatures are normal, he told me not being able to touch for more then a second my PC due to heat is normal.

If it’s just you being uncomfortable with where they are, you might look into a better cooling system then. Even if your current temps are safe, it’s still better for your rig in the long run to have better cooling.

One thing that’s really interesting with that is that those games all use different engines. Need For Speed is Frostbite, Kingdom Come is CryEngine, and this game uses Unity.

It might be hard to find commonalities because, AFAIK, they all do pretty much everything differently.


Yeah, I’m not so familiar with those games, so wasn’t trying to make assumptions.

Yeah, no worries, I understood your meaning. Just thought it was really interesting.

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Maybe I’m overreacting, Dota 2 also heats up my PC… And I’m not a fan of fans (no pun intended :smile: ) since they are loud…

I use this and I don’t notice the noise, especially if I have music or something on.

Oh, and it isn’t just that I ignore the noise. They actually are really quiet for air flow fans.

My temps even when playing games rarely exceed 45c, usually closer to 35-40ish. 28-32 when idle. Obviously will be different for each rig, but it’s the best cooling system I’ve ever used.

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Thanks, I guess I’ll see what I can do to improve cooling.

LE could most definitely do with general optimisation and I hope the devs can dedicate some time to this eventually.

Important note here…

While certain components tolerate heat in different ways and to different max’s, you need to monitor your system to see where the issues actually are by comparing temps to what are considered normal for each of your components…

The noctua CPU cooler above is an excellent CPU cooler but will obviously have no impact on keeping your GPU cool beyond moving air around in your case and if your CPU is not reaching problem temps then it would not be needed…

It may also be that you have an airflow issue in your case - i.e. the hot air is not being expelled from the case or cold air might not be being drawn into the case sufficiently… This could be caused by a general design problem, wrong fan sizes/speeds or even just dust… or the cat sitting on the top vent.

Your GPU may be overheating because the thermal paste has hardened and is old and no longer performing as it used to…

There are lots of potential causes of overheating so its important you investigate before forking out the moola to fix it…


Thanks for your input.

I will check out with my nearest PC tech what should I do regarding cooling.

just dont get taken for a ride by someone telling you to replace everything and the kitchen sink… :wink:


I just measured my temps, when playing Last epoch, GPU temp goes from 39c to 82c.

I think that’s a good indication to take vapour’s advice and check your paste / clean your rig.

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You should watch the GPU Core Clock frequencies at the same time to tell if the card is thermal throttling itself… If i recall the 1080s used run quite hot and start throttling at around 85c or thereabouts … the chip if I recall can get as hot as 90 deg but thats not great.

Those figures I think were off the reference bopards from nvidia - It all depends on the clocking & cooling that the oem partners did on their boards to be sure what a good running temp would be for yours…

Personally I wouldnt like to run my GPU at close to its thermal limits… and I dont know how long you played for the temp to get that high but I would change some settings to prevent that kind of temps.

As a test… set your machine to 1080p, 60fps framerate limited (not vsync) with all in-game settings at very low or disabled… Play and watch the GPU usage, thermals and clock frequencies… That should give you a baseline to work from… If there is some headroom in terms of thermals and usage then you can increase settings and see which cause the most headache…