Holy Devotion Lighting Paladin Smiter! Build Guide 0.8.3D

level 50 now. is this a good level to transition to this build? :slight_smile: or should i stay with the holy fire javelin to 75? whats makes this build tick? :slight_smile:

Havimg the devotion amulet. You can wait till.you find that

Where did Devotion drop for you? I’ve been doing the Age of Winter timeline and only found 1 unique amulet node out of 100 normal echos and 35 empowered and still no Devotion.

It’s a random drop, all of mine have dropped in the world, or possibly from a generic unique monolith reward.

I got mine in the spirit of winter. We are simply unlucky from what I hear because people seems to find them often lol.

Devotion amulet surely doubles the damage, but there is one more item I found helps the damage sky rocket. That is the “Culnivar’s Claim” unique sceptre. Common drop rate and actualy all the affixes on it work very well with this build except for the last one (mana to ward conversion). It is irrelevant for this build as we don’t use ward, and as we actualy never reach full mana so you can just ignore it. It also rolls with solid adaptive spell damage implicit.

One tip: you can put Judgment+Lunge+Holy aura all on auto cast and just slide between monster groups without almost ever needing to cast smite manualy. You will be always on minimum mana which is the biggest damage booster for this build. The only thing I am maintaining manualy is the 4 sigils which again boost damage significantly. Just for boss fight switch lunge and judgment off from auto cast since you need to control the fights more carefuly.

Yes this is used in the “xolaks smiter build” :slight_smile: it is indeed good.

what’s a comfortable corruption level you guys been hitting w/ this? it’s awesome for entry empowered runs but finding 200 dmg is falling off

Sorry Im triggered with everybody bringing up this medicore wand for the build again.

We all agree , the unique effect does nothing for us cause we never reach and should reach full mana - so thats out of the way. What do we get assuming perfect rolls vs. a crystal wand (only t5 affixes not even exalted…)

Base Damage: 48 + 24 = 72 vs. 60 - Unique wins by 12
Mana: 0 vs. 60 - Crystal wins . 60 missing mana are 12 Spelldamage for smite

= Both items net you the same Base Damage!

Crit: 90% vs. 131% crit - crystal wins (even a t5 min roll is higher than 90)
Spelldamage: 90% vs. 105% - crystal wins (here you need a medium roll to top 90 - min roll is lower!)

Manareg is an okayish stat but nothing game changing for the build.

Now your craft wand has 2 Suffixes left … you can get shock, stun, chill, … whatever you like.
Unique gives you nothing more.

TLDR a decent rolled t10 crystal wand will beat the unique by quite some margin and offers a lot of flexibility.

If you want you can get crit multi over spelldamage or go double crit if you need the crit on the craft - neither options unique offers you.

If we start with a Crystal wand with a t6+ Spelldamage / critmulti or Spellcrit affixe on it the Culnivars is allready back in stash crying :stuck_out_tongue:

Atm it is better than my Crystal wand of sleet (lightning, crit, shock, blind - not an exalted one though).

Did anyone had a chance experimenting with the Ucenui’s sphere and tried bringing up intelligence to attunement level? Might be worth a try because it would boost lightning damage up to +300% for rare and boss fights. Just not sure completely of the mechanics because it does not mention how long this damage boost lasts.

No option imho smite scales like hell with extra levels.
+2 smite is about 15-25% more damage (more total damage!)

Wtb t7 smite relic

Good luck in crafting a better wand its def. possible to craft a ~t14 wand that is a lot better.
Good base + 2 * t5high rolls on the prefixes you want + a lil shock e.g.

You’re forgetting those bursts of Ward you get as a defensive layer.

For me, I don’t find Multistrike useful, as just direct-casting Smite on packs seems to work better, and Multistrike is useless for solo Bosses.

I’m trying Sigils in its place.

Multristrike? Wrong thread?
I run sigils :wink:

And you should NEVER EVER get near max mana at any point in time for any reason. You have all the tools to controll your mana.
To procc the wand you need to “f… up” really bad in the first place in reaching so much mana.

I agree with you about culnivars vs crafted crystal wand. Culnivar’s is a good starter sceptre, requires no crafting and be used from a lower level than a crystal wand can. At endgame, you should definitely craft a wand though. The ward burst shouldn’t be necessary on the most defensive class in the game and you can manage your mana by using sigils.

What’s a good % to have crit chance at? I’m at 59% with 702% lighting damage. The damage is nice but sometimes I wish I had more leech with more crit.

100% simple as that.

You can reach this but it needs a lot of investment if you do not want to get basecrit in smite. Your base crit is 11% so you need about 800% inc crit. You get 200% in tree so you need 600% at gear a t6/7 spellcrit roll is fantastic if you have it.

I run a double crit wand eg cause i need the crit. Thats 200ish from wand. Relic can roll spellcrit, rings can net you 200 if you want…

as @Hybria mentions… it takes a lot of investment but if you are going crit then you need to go crit to 100% chance.

and dont forget that any flat critical strike chance you can get makes a huge difference to the multiplier… I am not Llama8 so i dont do the math, but even +1% critical chance to the base can make a big difference.

It does.

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Well …
You get 6% from catalyst thats all lightning spells can get outside of skills. Fire and void each can get 3% from amulet e.g.

Base crit in smite eats 1 point per %.
1 point less in a more modifier is like 10-15% less total damage.

Hey Bro:

Tried looking at the leveling guides for Sentinel to…it appears the builder guides are outdated. The skill progressions don’t show up correctly